Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


13. I'm Okay Without You.

Over the last few days, Kammy has made me realise that I don't need anybody to cry to, but it's nice to have somebody to rely on. Even though I missed him, so much, I didn't need him. No matter how much I thought I did. Kam' still had to show me her "surprise" but I could wait a little longer.

"You look better these days." Kammy said, swanning into the living room were I sat on the two-seated couch, munching on toast.

"I am. You make an amazing cuppa tea." I grinned at her and she winked, flicking on the kettle.

"Well, thanks. It's nice to know you're alright, Red." She took the empty plate from the coffe table and I polished off my last slice.

Kammy had been staying at the apartment, taking care of me and making sure I had everything I needed. I knew I would be okay if she left, but I didn't want her too, not yet. I still hadn't stopped hurting from when the last person left me.

I turned on the TV and watched 'Jack Frost' while drinking my tea.

Kammy sat down beside me, both of us in our pyjamas.

"It's nearly Christmas." she said, smiling.

"Yep, nearly. What're you doing for Christmas, anyway?" I asked, biting my nail.

"Stop that." she lowered myhand. "I'm not going anywhere for Christmas, I'll stay here with you. My mum won't mind." I blinked, astonished.

"No." I said finally. "She can come over here! We can all get together: Me, you, your mum, Briella, and even her family!"

"Well, sure!" She giggled and pulled me into a hug, squeazing tight.

"Oh, and Harry's coming over with his girlfriend Megan."

I almost stopped breathing. Harry?

"What? You know I don't like him!" I yelled, standing up.

"I know! I know." she said, pulling me back down onto the couch.

"I just thought, that because it's Christmas, we could all just make up. And be friends? Yeah?"

I pondered it for a second. Then I decided I was sick of this. Sick of the heartache and fighting. I felt no need to hold a grudge anymore. He was in the past.

"Which brings it to my attention," she continued "why do you hate Harry?"

"Well, a few years ago, I got put into jail for alot of things. Theiving was my personal favourite. Harry and I were. . . aquainted, you could say. We were good friends, and he would always bail me out. Then, I began going to high school to rat out the perverts which had been lurking, and met Scott. Yes, I loved him, but there were bad consequences for loving a person like me. We were together for quite some time, and I spent lest time with Harry, going wild and getting into trouble. Y'know, having dangerous fun? We were both adrenilin junkies back then." I laughed at the memories brought to my head by those very words.

"Anyhoo, we grew apart. And I guess Harry hit a wall. Something metally implanted, I guess. He tied me up, left me in a dark cell, no food, no nothing. Then, he opened the door one day. . ." I felt my throat close up, as if I was forbidden to talk about this specific subject. I guess I was. I restricted myself a long time ago.

"And?" Kammy stroked my shoulder. I shook her off, taking a deep breath.

"And, he had Scott. He was holding a gun to his head. He asked me to stop seeing Scott, to drop out of highschool. So it was like the old days. But I just shook my head." I was talking slower now, staring into space. Reliving the memory all over again.

"And then, as soon I said no, he shot him." That's when it hit me, the tidal wave of memories, painful and horrible, but still endurable. I didn't blink when the flashback came.


* "Leave him, Red! He doesn't deserve you! You're better than this! You said you'd never fall in love!" Harry had a gun trained on Scott's temple, his other arm wrapped round his neck, chocking him. Scott looked at me with desperate green eyes, so similar to Harry's, and I knew I could never leave him. Speaking round the gag, I leaned forward, pulling on the rope which bound my hands together.

"No! I'm not leaving him!" Hot tears were streaming down my cheeks, the gag in my mouth tasting of sweat and salt. Then I watched as Harry pulled the trigger.  Scott fell to the ground, limp and lifeless. It was then, that I wanted to end my own life. It was then, when I turned bad. *


"It sounds like Harry was jealous. He missed the time you spent together." I looked at Kammy's calm reaction. Damn, that girl was too happy for her own good.

"Yeah." I said, unmasking the reason behind Scott's death. I couldn't thank Kammy enough right now. I threw my arms around her neck and she laughed, patting my back.

"So, whens he coming over?"

"Christmas Day. He said he was bringing his girlfriend, Megan."

I felt like a piece of me had finally been returned, or healed.

"Oh, what's she look like?"

"Umm, brown eyes, light brown hair. She was wearing a black hat last time I saw her. She's a total match for him. Anyhoo, they're coming. Briella, me, my mum, Briella's family too, I think. It's gonna be so much fun!"

"Wow, that's loads! Thanks, I'll go get dressed. You're taking me out to go see my suprise, yeah?"

"Yes, go on poppet, I'll get a flask of tea ready and we'll go see your surprise." she patted arm before getting of the couch and going into the kitchen.

I threw on my jumper, my silk scarf, my jeans and my new boots. I was so tired, but I looked okay compared to how I felt inside. There was still a small part of my soul lying at the bottom of me. But it could stay there for all I cared.

I pulled on a white hat and left my blood-red hair down, putting fluffy socks on under my boots. It was so cold outside, getting closer and closer to Christmas.

"What would you do if he came back?" I asked my reflection.

She looked sad, but still hopeful. I guess I was. But I knew in my heart, it's not true. He wouldn't come back. I had to stop myself from saying something that I should have never even thought of saying.

"If he came back, if they came back, then this Christmas would be perfect."

My head snapped up and Kammy was leaning in my doorway, smiling tenderly at me.

"Yes," I agreed. "but I'd prefer a little privacy."

Kam' laughed and shut my bedroom door. I looked over at my candle, which was almost burnt out. So was my love. Almost. I turned and got onto my bed, looking at my pictures. Briella had taken a shot of him, grinning at the camera with his own flawless smile. His hazel eyes twinkled under the sun, and he was happy. I lifted a shaking hand and stroked his face, missing him. I hope this feeling didn't last. I didn't like it.

I missed him, and it only hurt a little now. But I knew it would hurt more if he came back. It would hurt more, because I knew he would leave again, and the pain would be twice as worse. I closed my eyes before pressing my lips to his face.

"You'll come back, won't you?" I asked. "If I say I want you as my Christmas present, will you mend my broken heart?" I whispered, a single tear falling down my face. I knew he would. No, I wished he would.

"Baby, please come back." I wiped my face and looked in the mirror one more time. I looked at my ocean blue eyes, my dark eyelashes wet with tears. Those were the eyes of a broken person. The eyes of a theif.












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