Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


1. Finding Him

"Shh! I hear something!" I tried to ignore the suspicious voices in the alleyway and focused on being as quiet as I could, praying I wouldn't get caught. I didn't want to ask God to protect me; 1) I wasn't religious, and 2) I knew how to protect myself. I didn't need anybody's help.

I knew someone had stabbed a person down the alleyway. I was so close to the entrance of the alleyway that I could hear their laboured breathing. I took a deep breath and, when I was sure they were close to exiting the alleyway, I swung my leg up in a round-house kick, knocking two men out simutaneously. I let out a grunt and cracked my knuckles, stepping carefully over the overlapped bodies to inspect the injured victim. My eyes only widened slightly, but then I reigned in my hormonal reaction. This boy was gorgous. His ebony black hair was styled into a quiff, a streak of blond at the front. His eyes were wide and scared, a sparkling hazel colour. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Every single person was like this - a person who was worried if they would live or die. Godess, couldn't they just get over it? I'm not heartless, I've just got my head screwed on straight.

My eyes roamed around for some type of material to bandage the gash on his side. I ripped the shirt from one of the guys I knocked out and helped the boy upright, wrapping the piece of shirt around his bleading wound. Damn, this one was ugly. The blood seeped through immediately and I felt a stab of worry but washed it away quickly.

"C'mon. Get up." I helped him stagger to his feet before hooking one arm around his waist, the other holding his hand while his arm draped over my shoulder for support. Standing like this, I was careful not to touch his wound while he stumbled forward, trying to walk. "I'll take you back to my place. There's stuff there that no doctors can ever get back." I chuckled darkly and kept walking. The weight of him leaning didn't bother me as much as the fact that the two idiots I'd knocked out were lying in our way. I kicked their limp bodies over to the side with my black leather boot and kept walking.

Every struggling grunt, every growl of desperation, every wince of pain that the boy gave sent a prick of sympathy straight to my cold heart. I didn't need sympathy. Especially for him. I always wondered why it was just the celebrities that had the stupidity to walk down a dark alley at night. I was like Robin Hood, in some ways, protecting the innocent and stupid. Yes, I've stolen more then enough things, but I know it's worth it. Besides, it's quite alot of fun to do in your spare time, and I've had alot of that lately.


That's it. It was when he said his last complaint, that I snapped.

"Just shut up! Godess, I've helped so many people, somebody with a nail through their ankle, and they didn't half-complain as much as you! Just be lucky you're not dead!"

I let out an exasperated sigh and smiled wryly when I saw that we'd reached my appartment. After clicking the button for the lift, I waited impatiently until we reached the third floor. It seemed like an eternity, and then some. He groaned and winced all the way up, and then I finally lost it.

"SHUT UP! Godess, you're such a wuss! I'm trying to help you and all you do is 'ouch' and 'oooh!' all the way here! Just be quiet and maybe I'll be able to tolerate you for a little longer." He looked at me blankly, admiration in his eyes. Such a beautiful face. I could see him clearly now, dark stubble on his jaw and caramel coloured skin. Wow. I scolded myself before unlocking my apartment door and shutting it with my foot. After dumping the boy on my battered couch, I slipped off my combat boots and took off my black leather jacket, revealing my tight white vest top underneath. I hoped he didn't mind my nose piercing, a silver hoop on the right side of my nose. Then I thought about how he'd react to my five ear piercings on both ears. Ah well, he'd get over my bad-ass appearance.

I knew he wouldn't be able to see my bright red hair, chopped into layers to my shoulders. I knew he wouldn't be able to see my ocean-blue eyes. Good.  His vision would be blury, I knew because I'd done this so many times before. It was good if they couldn't see me clearly, because then they wouldn't be able to give my description to the police. If he even mentioned my red hair. I'd be dead. The police would be on my tail and I'd have to relocate. Again. I rotated my head until the bones in my neck clicked, and made my way over to the boy.

"Name?" I know I'm 'cold-hearted', but that doesn't mean I can't be hospitable to my guests; get to know them a bit?

"Zayn." Thought so.

"You're that 'I'm so sexy' guy from One Direction." What can I say? I'm a teenage girl, I have to keep up on gossip, don't I?

He laughed weakly.

"Yeah, I am. Nice to know what you think of me. Thanks for patching me up."

"It's fine. I do it all the time. Here, drink this." I handed him an already-made hot chocolate and he smiled a dazzling smile at me.

"How will I get back?"

I thought about it for a second, then spoke.

"You can stay here for tonight."

And ONLY tonight.












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