Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


14. Christmas Wishes

Kammy took me to the park.

It was beautiful, each surface glistening with frost, the grass crusted with snow. I closed my eyes, remembering him. His laugh. His smile. Just him.

Don't you see it's wrong,

Can't you get it right?

Out of mind,

Out of sight.

When I opened my eyes, we were approaching the bench. The one where we'd scratched our names into. Somebody was sitting there, watching the water pour into the fountain base. I watched too, frozen. Kammy ushered me forward. Was this a blind date? I shook my head, but it stopped moving when I saw the man sat on the bench.

Because it wasn't a man.

It was a nineteen-year old boy.


If you ever leave me, baby, 

Leave some morphine at my door. 

Because it'll take a whole lot of medacation,

To realise what we used to have,

But don't have it anymore.



The snowflakes melted in his hair, his hazel eyes sparkling like stars. The dark stubble on his chin made my heart flip, and slowly but surely, the remaining segement of my soul, drifted up and my heart came into tact. I was finally, truly alive. I was alive this whole time, just one part of me was missing.


"Zayn." I whispered, my breath coming out as a puff of smoke in the frosty air. The entire world stopped when he stood up, brushed the snowflakes from his jeans and held out his arms. I ran into them like I was returning home. I was. Back to him. I felt so warm, so happy, my head wasn't hurting, neither was my chest. Everything seemed okay now.

Cos' there'll be no sunlight,

If I lose you baby,

And there'll be no clear skies,

If I lose you baby.


"I'm here, I'm here." He embraced me tightly, warm and solid and safe. I cried into his shoulder, not caring about my bright red nose or my sticky cheeks. I had everything I needed.

"I got my Christmas wish." I whispered, pulling back to look at him. I tore off my gloves and stroked his face, brushing my thumbs along his cheekbones, letting my fingers dance on his eyelashes, across his smooth eyelids. I let one shaking finger trail across his lower lip, and he looked at me, absorbed me. I could tell he'd missed me just as much.

I stroked his cold ears, running the tip of my finger down his jawline and lifted it up only to retrace his nose, the hollow beneath his eyes, his chin, his temples. Then I slowly brought his face towards mine, pressing my cold lips to his forehead, my eyes squeezed shut. The wind circled us, dead leaves caressing our bodies. I gently pulled back and he took my hands in his warm caloused ones, kissing each finger tip gently. I looked away quickly, but Kammy had dissapeared.

We stood like this for a long time, embracing eachother, exploring the planes of our faces, studying the glint in eachothers eyes. I felt something cold fall onto my face, and we both looked up to a white sky which was throwing down handfulls of snowflakes. We both broke into a quiet, retiring laugh and brushed our noses together, our breaths mingling as snowflakes settled into our eyelashes, our hair, on our shoulders.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too." I sighed, holding his face in my cold hands.

"Don't do that again." I said, closing my eyes. 

"I promise. I'll never leave you, unless you want me to."

"I'll never want you to leave. If anyone'll have to leave, it'll be me." I nudged my nose against his and kept my hands cupping his jaw.

To always be like this, to keep his love secured. To have him never leave me. We'd get seperated somehow, but that didn't matter yet. All that mattered was that I had him.


I got my Christmas Wish. 








Well, I almost cried writing this chapter! It's one of my favourites too ;) Hope you enjoy reading this, keep going when I update, cos' it's not the  end of Red's story yet! :) xoxo Love you my little Clovers <3 ~ Patch




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