Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


15. Caught RED-Handed

Briella, Kammy and Harry's girlfriend Megan had insisted we go for a pamper-day down at the local spa. We all wore jeans and jumpers, mainly because it was freezing cold outside. There was only a week until Christmas, and the boys had came round and helped us put my Christmas decorations up all around the apartment. Even Harry.

"Right, lie down ladies." A sweet-smelling girl named Macy pulled a lever beside our chairs and we were lowered back until we were all lying down, towels round our heads and bodies. I sighed when she masaged a cream into my cheeks and along my forehead. We'd probably look like the row of vegetables at the supermarket by the time she'd topped us off with cucumbers.

"So," Briella said "how long have you and Harry been together?"

Megan smiled tightly, careful not to stretch her mask.

"Oh about half a year. We're hardly apart. How long have you been with Liam?" At this, Briella blushed a bright pink.

"Um, I'm not with Liam. . . " Megan chuckled gently and Kammy shot me a knowing smile.

"Yeah, but you like him though." I said, trying not to reach up and flick the slimy slices of cucumbers off my eyelids after Macy put them on. All I could see was blackness now.

"Well, what's not to like?" Briella murmered.

All at once, we began chanting 'Briella loves Liam' like childish school girls.

"Guys! Stop that!"

"Yeah, stop it guys!" Kammy said, trying to not laugh along.

Megan nodded, apolagising.

"But she does have a point though, Liam's nice and thoughtful when it comes to asking him for a favour. "

"Yeah, and Zayn's about as useful as a pair of sole-less shoes!" Kammy giggled. I sat up, the cucumbers falling into my lap, and threw a packet of cotton pads at her.

"Hey! I'm only saying! Defending your boyfriend won't do anything when he isn't here!" Kammy was giggling, her cheeks flushing red.

"Kam', you can't say that, Louis never takes anything seriously!"

At this, we all burst out laughing, our facial masks destroyed.

"So much for keeping a straight face." Megan muttered, scraping the remains of her mask off.

I took the towel from my orange-scented hair and wiped my mask off. There was no way we were paying for any of this.


Once we'd been to nearly all the shops, we decided to take a break and eat at the local cafe just across the road from the spa.

Just when I was about to take a bite of my crossiant, I locked eyes with a police officer. I dropped it onto my plate, and watched as Macy pointed at the cafe urgently, her eyes wide and scared. The police officer nodded before walking out the spa and crossing the road.

"Shit!" I shouted, standing up. All three girls looked at me, puzzled. Then they saw the officer walk through and into the cafe.

"Name?" He said sternly, standing infront of me. I coughed and pulled the hood of my coat up.

"Lea." I murmered.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Red. Get in the car."

Officer Wilkinson was the nicest police officer at the station, and if he was like this, you can imagine what the others were like. Let's just say I came out with my fair share of bumps and bruises when Harry bailed me out.

"Wait, she can't go!" Kammy yelped, standing up. "She hasn't finished her crossiant!" Typical bubbly Kammy, always trying to bide time for me. I sighed, shaking my head.

"Kam', you know I've been on the run for a while now. I'm caught. This is it. Bye guys, see you on the other side. Goddess knows how long my sentence'll be this time." I sighed and turned around, holding my hands behind my back. I felt the familiar cold metal lock round my wrists and I walked out the cafe, handcuffed.





 - Sorry this chapter is short! There'll be another one tomorrow, trust me. Thanks for reading my little clovers - love youu :) xoxo  ~ Patch <3



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