My Sister's Boyfriend (1D fanfic)

My sister has a new boyfriend, and he is Zayn Malik.


5. 5

I tried my best to fake ill. I do not want to have to listen to One Direction. I would hide in the girls' toilets if I have to. I refuse to listen to them. Especially that half the girls there will scream and deafen me. It's really silly how they scream, they're just boys. Nothing special

"You're going to school whether you like it or not, Becca. You might like them." Mum told me as I tried to persuade her to let me stay off of school. 

"But, Mum! I haven't had a day off in ages!" I wailed. 

"Oh grow up, Rebecca." Tegan sneered. 

"Says the person who screams over a silly pathetic boyband." I muttered. I grabbed my bag and walked to school. Tegan is such a bitch.. 

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