My Sister's Boyfriend (1D fanfic)

My sister has a new boyfriend, and he is Zayn Malik.


4. 4

I turned my shrieking alarm clock off and climbed out of bed. I yawned and then took a shower.  

"Becca! Hurry up! You have been five minutes!" Tegan shrieked on the other side of the bathroom door. 

"I need to get ready too! It's not just you that lives in this house y'know!" I shrieked back. 

"Girls! Quiet!" I heard my Dad yell up the stairs. 

After I finished my shower, taking a little bit longer to annoy Tegan, I got changed into my school uniform and brushed my teeth. 

"There you go." I said sharply and went to grab my school bag.

I grabbed  my make-up and put it on carefully, outlining my eyes with black eyeliner and putting a few coats of mascara. I don't wear much make-up, I don't want to look fake. I brushed my damp hair and pulled it into a side plait. It was definitely going to be curly tonight. 

I skipped downstairs and slipped on my school shoes. I grabbed my lunch from the table which had "Bex" written on my lunch box, informing me that it was mine. Dad had made it today, other wise it would have "Becca" written on it. I shoved my lunch into my bag and unlocked the front door and walked out. My face getting slapped by cold air. 

"Becca!" my best friend, Jess, called out. I turned to where her voice was coming from and saw her running down the road. 

"Jess!" I called back, waving. Her wild brown hair was flying everywhere and her cheeks and nose were pink from the cold air surrounding us. 

"One Direction are coming to our school today!" She shrieked. I stood facing her in shock.

Oh god. 

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