My Sister's Boyfriend (1D fanfic)

My sister has a new boyfriend, and he is Zayn Malik.


3. 3

Dinner was awkward. Tegan tried to see if I would date any of the other boys from One Direction. 

"I don't want to date anyone!" I growled at her. 

"Alright! Alright! Tegan, stop pestering your sister!" Mum finally intervened. Zayn just sat there looking embarrassed. When I had finished my dinner I got up and went to walk up to my room. 

"Rebecca, sit back down. Everyone hasn't finished yet." Dad instructed. Everyone had finished though. I sighed and walked back in. 

"But Tegan is just going to annoy me and I have homework to do!" I moaned. 

"You had time to draw pathetic fairies." Tegan stated.

"Tegan!" Mum hissed at her. 


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