My Sister's Boyfriend (1D fanfic)

My sister has a new boyfriend, and he is Zayn Malik.


2. 2

"Becca! Come see Zayn!" Tegan screamed up the stairs. I groaned and walked downstairs. 

"Hey." I muttered and looked at Zayn. I have to admit, I'm not a crazy One Direction fan, but wow. Someone famous is in my house. 

"Hiya." Zayn replied and smiled at me. I smiled back. 

"Maybe we could get Bex and one of the boys together." Tegan whispered too loudly in his ear. 

"Tegan, you're crap at whispering, I heard everything you said." I said aloud. "I'm not interested in One Direction. I like their music, I'm just not crazy about them." 

I walked back up the stairs and into my room. Why do sisters have to be so annoying! I went back to my fairy painting and realised I had nearly finished it. I sighed and finished it. As I put it on the pile of my other fairy paintings, Tegan burst into my room.

"How could you be so rude? Why can't you be sociable? Stop drawing pathetic fairies and get a boyfriend or make friends." Tegan hissed at me.

"Go away. By the way, I have friends." I replied sharply and turned to my bedroom window. 

"Don't turn away from me, little sis." Tegan snapped. 

"Don't make me repeat myself." I snapped back. 

"Mhm." Tegan replied and walked out. Slamming my bedroom door. 

Why does she have to overreact? She tried to set me up with one of Zayn's friends! I walked off because I didn't want to get paired up, I don't want a boyfriend. I may have been rude but I am not crazy about One Direction. 

I grabbed my laptop and did some homework. I don't normally do homework but it's an excuse to not have to talk to Tegan. 

"Rebecca!" my dad called up the stairs. I got up and walked to the door and opened it. 

"Yeah?" I called back. 

"Dinner is ready!" He replied. 

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands then skipped downstairs. 

"Honey, Zayn is here for dinner, please don't argue with Tegan and don't be rude either by saying you're not crazy about One Direction." Mum scolded me quietly. 

"But ..." I protested. 

"No ifs or buts." Mum interrupted. 

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