My Sister's Boyfriend (1D fanfic)

My sister has a new boyfriend, and he is Zayn Malik.


1. 1

"Becca! You will never guess what!" Tegan screamed at me. She was jumping up and down and was holding her iPhone. 

"What?" I said a little annoyed as I was drawing a fairy. 

"Zayn Malik asked me out!" She screamed into my ear. 

"Oh cool." I said, uninterested. 

"He's coming 'round now! Eek!" She screamed. 

"I. Don't. Care. Now leave me to paint." I snapped. 

"Calm it, Kermit." she muttered and walked off. 

I carried on painting. I'm sixteen, my sister is seventeen. She acts very immature for a seventeen year old. She gets excited about silly little things. Zayn Malik, big deal! He is only in a band! I don't see why she gets so excited. 

The doorbell rang and all I could hear was "He's here! He's here!" from my sister. She is so annoying! 


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