Always Watches, No Eyes ...

Ever heard Slenderman the myth about a man without a face? he's real, and he's also no man. Liobean and her companion Rosie set out to solve the mystery after a surprise letter from Charles. This is a short story.


4. The Scene Sets

As she entered the dark mysterious woods, the first thing she noticed was the strange distance static notice. She glanced down at Rosie, and found her cowering with her tail in-between her legs, crying. She picked Rosie up and whispered to her “What’s the matter? You aren’t scared of anything?” the she though, this might be a clue, if Rosie was scared, then maybe the thing was nearby. The Static noise was creeping her out, and strangely getting ever so slightly louder. The policemen noticed this too, and gathered around Liobean. They arrived at the abduction scene, where a yellow crime tape had been placed around. The clues where still in the place, being photographed by forensics. She put on a forensic suit and went under the tape. She carefully picked up the papers, being careful not to contaminate them, and then she done a though out study of them before propping them against a sprouting Oak.
After closer examination with her team of policemen, she noted how footsteps look as if they melted into the ground, like butter melting in a frying pan. She crouched down, her police men mimicking her moves, looking like a parade of dancing police men doing the Russian jig as they tried to get up. Liobean felt Rosie struggle to get out of her arms, and she then gently, left her down. Rosie immediately bounded down, flipping herself over, then quickly got up and stuck her nose to the ground. Rosie transformed into sniffer dog mode, and followed a scent Liobean, seeing her chance to find the root source, followed the puppy over a thin gravelly road.


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