Always Watches, No Eyes ...

Ever heard Slenderman the myth about a man without a face? he's real, and he's also no man. Liobean and her companion Rosie set out to solve the mystery after a surprise letter from Charles. This is a short story.


1. Mystery In The Wood's

“Argh!” Abby Screamed as she slashed the gloom of dusk with her torch.  “Oh, Just another tree. . ."
Abby swore there was something in the dark forest hunting her, something behind her, waiting for the right moment then . . .
“Argh!”  Abby jerked backwards. She had wandered into a tawny owl’s nest. “Huh, sorry.” she apologized to the owl, dazzling it with her torch then continued on her trek. The gravelly forest path on which she was walking on was becoming thinner. “Strange, it looks like there’s a building over there.” She wandered past warning signs and shone her torch on the old structure. “Looks like it has been here a while.” she thought to herself. Suddenly she had the feeling she wasn’t alone. She raced to the building for shelter, but she didn’t know why. Her heart was thumping out of her chest. She paused as she entered the building, and saw a note on the brick walls. She slumped over, careful not to touch it. It read;
“Always watches, no eyes”
Followed by a crudely drawn picture of a man with X’s over his eyes.  She became more worried, as she found several more reading warnings about a man in a suit. She could hear Distant Static like an old radio getting louder as it warms up.
As she explored the building further, she found an old news article, barely readable with mold.
‘5 young children missing, believed to be dead, the criminal is currently unknown, but all of the girls were caught in the …. The Murder is believed also to have stalked them first, currently no witnesses…. the family of the children is devastated…. Do not enter the woods at any ….’
Abby flung the news article to the corner. She didn’t know what was out there, but she didn’t want it to find her first.
Face wet with sweat, she escaped the brick building. The static was really close now. Her heart was coming out of her chest. She stopped abruptly. Something was behind her. She remembered the notes, warning her not look at his eyes, but she couldn’t help it. She slowly turned around. . .
“Abby, where are you?” A man shouted as he ran through a clearing in the forest. Suddenly he heard a scream and immediately recognized who it was “Abby!” The man shouted louder, running to the center of the dark eerie forest. He halted, as he saw a torch on the ground, still turned on dazzling a family of shrews. He knew it was Abby’s, and saw a sketch of a man hiding behind a tree, along with other notes. He fell to the ground, his knees scraping a large sharp rock, but he didn’t care. His daughter has been taken, killed, murdered. But where was the body? Puzzled, he dried his face with his sleeve. There was no sign of struggle or of murder but she couldn’t have been taken. He tore a strip of clothing from his shirt and carefully picked up the torch. He then turned off the torch and ran out of the silent woods then he would go back to his castle and plan his next move, to find the killer, he would have to go to a detective. In fact, he knew a detective, an old friend of his. He would go to Liobean.

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