Always Watches, No Eyes ...

Ever heard Slenderman the myth about a man without a face? he's real, and he's also no man. Liobean and her companion Rosie set out to solve the mystery after a surprise letter from Charles. This is a short story.


5. Massacre Of Slender

After some time had passed, and Rosie’s pace had slowed down to a crawling snail, Liobean was sure they where lost, the gravelly road now very big, was leading them deeper into the forest. Liobean deducted it was around Twilight, seeing the sun set, and the luminous moon rise from its slumber, to take the place of the sun. Suddenly Rosie halted, her tail cringing and her crying continued. Liobean picked Rosie up and used the time to gather her thoughts. She glanced around her, studying her surrounds; she had lost 5 policemen, 2 of them where looking scared and 1 was whimpering, like her fearless puppy Rosie. “Brilliant, I now have 2 police men who haven’t soiled themselves from fright” She thought to herself. She paused, the 5 remaining policemen bumping into her. The static had returned with a vengeance. It was about tenfold now then when she had fist heard it when she had entered the forest. Liobean took this static as a warning sign, and tried to turn around, but then one of the remaining policemen spotted a small old brick building in the distance, and ran for it, shouting pleas of help as he entered. Suddenly the static abruptly vanished and Liobean eyes grew big. “Come back now!” She screamed at the policeman, but nothing could be heard. Suddenly the policeman from behind Liobean got dragged from under his feet. Liobean suddenly had a thought; she remembered the notes from the little girl;
‘Always watch’s, no eyes   
He’ll get you, no matter how far you run
Don’t look where his face used to be
Beware …’
Wait a second, one of them said not to look into his hidden eyes, so maybe if she closed her eyes… The static almost burst her eardrums. At a reflex, she turned and faced a policeman, and watched him being dragged from reality and into the dark forest. Rosie had also, turned away, as not to look at the beast. Liobean then ran, hearing the gravel behind her crunch. She took shelter in the building, and found her breath being took away. She saw an imprint of blood splatted all over the wall, the bits not covered where in the shape of humanoids. She gasped, and then looking both ways, ran into the next room, where she saw a news article had been flung into a corner. She bent over and read the article, trying to decider the mould covered paper. She then stuffed it into her pocket and tried to gather sense of what just happened. She then realized what had happened; she and Rosie are the only survivors of that massacre.

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