Always Watches, No Eyes ...

Ever heard Slenderman the myth about a man without a face? he's real, and he's also no man. Liobean and her companion Rosie set out to solve the mystery after a surprise letter from Charles. This is a short story.


6. Final Apperance

Liobean Collapsed into a massive heap on the floor, and tried to gather her thoughts. The thing was no beast, it was far too precise for a mindless animal, but through all the cases she seen, not one was as brutal as what she just witnessed. Also there was no time for the body to be dragged to here, if she recalled correctly, the dad found the scene blood free, but the marks on the walls say something different. “Maybe the killer didn’t do that” she suddenly thought “Maybe he placed them here, and then wild animals ate the humans.” She knew that couldn’t be the case though, because the blood stains where all over the wall. Rosie was keeping watch, lying at the doorway, panting. Liobean crawled to Rosie, and checked her roughly for any signs of injuries. “Good.” She whispered to Rosie when she had checked her. With a sudden burst of courage, Liobean grasped the door-handle and struggled up. After dusting herself down, she carefully glanced outside to see if danger was approaching.
It was Night time about now, the grey moon smiling at the world, slowly making its way across the sky. From its position Liobean guessed it was around midnight. She had been thinking for almost 4 hours. She put her head back in, and found an old torch. It was still in working order, so Liobean blew the dust and cobwebs off and tip-toed outside with Rosie guarding her.
The static returned, and at every moving thing Liobean shined her beam of light at. “So far I’ve angered a family of hedgehogs, squirrels and voles. But we need to find our way back to the manor” She whispered to Rosie, who was half nodding her head in agreement. Liobean could hear her heart beat. The static was reaching maximum level, and the grueling, dark, threatening woods where closing in on the two. Owl’s hoots and squirrels squeaks had long been replaced with eerie howls and gruesome squeals. The Rosie Halted, and started cringing and whimpering. She realized, the thing was behind them. The static was making her ears bleed, and Liobean felt madness set in. She wanted to turn around and end all this, and slowly, she twisted around and …
It was there, barley behind a tree. Where its face used to be was just white, emptiness. It was wearing a black suit, but its most terrifying feature was its extremely long arms and its lack of legs.
Liobean registered someone screaming, before realizing she was screaming. The thing/man was moving slowly but terrifyingly towards her. Liobeans Vision was going, being replaced by static, like an old television set. All that time though, she remained eye contact, and though where a mouth should be, it would be slyly smiling. Then she blacked out…  


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