Always Watches, No Eyes ...

Ever heard Slenderman the myth about a man without a face? he's real, and he's also no man. Liobean and her companion Rosie set out to solve the mystery after a surprise letter from Charles. This is a short story.


3. Conversation Between Friends

As the plane touched down, she was greeted by a gentleman in a Tailored Victorian suit, then he courtly addressed Liobean and Rosie.
“Are you Liobean III and Rosie the I?”
 “Yes” Replied Liobean, while Rosie jumped up onto a limo seat which had parked itself in front of the pair. The man pointed to the limo, suggesting that they get inside. After 5 Martinis and a bowl of chow later, a drunken Liobean and cautious Rosie strolled out the Limo, and paused in front of possible the posh, most massive Manor house ever devised. They where greeted by another man, this time one that Liobean knew, and a little girl, about the age of 6.
“Hello, Liobean” The man cooed
“Hello, Charles” Liobean slurred before regaining her mind “This is my puppy Rosie, and I deducted this is your heir?”
“Yes” Charles calmly said, “But this isn’t a reunion, will you start straight away?”
“Yes” Liobean said, mimicking the tone of Charles voice.
She quickly gathered up her files and eyed the dark woods. She wondered what mysteries it horded, what dark secrets that have lain dormant for years are waiting to be discovered.
She asked before she went in “What clues have been found, you say you were a witness, although you never saw any sign of struggle or fluid.”
He nodded; And Liobean saw the tears trickling down his face, so she left it and called for a gang of police to help her. Instead she got 10 people following her from a distance.


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