The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


9. 9

We all talked for a bit more in the cafe and then went shopping again. We were just walking around a couple of shops, Louis and Eleanor were infrequent of me and were holding hands. I could see my hand reaching for Harry, but this game was fun! Suddenly almost out of nowhere we were mobbed my fans. They were really loud! When we finally got away-and I say finally. We walked back to the flats.
"You wanna come in?" Louis asked everyone and we all nodded in agreement. It was weird how I barely knew any of these guys-well apart from Harry, I knew him quite well- yet they already felt like my best friends. We all had some tea and watched a movie.
"Hey! I know!" Louis screamed.
"Oh dear..." Liam said.
"SLEEPOVER!" Louis shouted.
"We're not 12!" I pointed out.
"The definition of sleepover in a louis books is practically getting drunk, parting all night. Then collapsing on the floor," Harry explained.
"Hey, you forgot the pj party!" Louis shouted.
"Ok, ok! Calm down, we can have a sleepover!" I said, trying to get him to shut up.
"Ok, go grab you stuff guys and lets have our selves a sleepover!" Louis hosted. We all whopped. I could tell the neighbours were not gonna be happy tonight.
I walked into the lift with Harry.
"I like this game!" I smiled. Harry leaned in to kiss me.
"Harry! I am not gonna make out with you in a lift!" I said,loudly.
"Fine then!" He said, turning around and pretending to be sad. I walked to my flat and grabbed my pink onzie and tooth brush and stuff. I had a feeling I wouldn't be needing the tooth brush, but still! We arrived back at Louis's and the music was already playing loudly. They were all already changed, so me and Harry got changed too. Turns out he had the same onzie as me in blue! There was no funny business this time, we just got changed. As we walked back into the living room, we joined in the mad party.
"Aww! You two look like a right couple!" Eleanor said. I liked Eleanor, she was really nice. But she really thought we were a couple. Like we were! But she was ruining the game for the others! I just sighed at her.

-4 hours later-
I opened my eyes suddenly. Where was I? I was in a large living room, it wasn't mine. Oh, I remember! Louis sleepover! Everyone was asleep or pasted out, I couldn't tell. I was leaning against Harry's chest, I sat up and he must have felt me get up because he sat up two.
"Morning!" He said and stretched.
"It's not morning!" I said glancing at my watch. "It's 2'o'clock....that makes it morning!" I said realising my mistake.
"Your beautiful!" He said.
" your handsome!" I smiled back. Everyone was deep in sleep, I hope, so we didn't have to keep up the game! I got up to go to the loo, Harry followed. Well he stumbled or how ever you want to put it. I came back out and he was sitting cross legged on the floor.
"I worry about you sometimes, Styles!" I said pulling him back up.
"Why?" He said. "I have you!" He kissed me on the check, his breath smelt of strong alcohol.
"Harry?" I said.
"Yes my sweet olive!" He replied. An odd look on his face.
"Your drunk!" I replied.
"You might be right!" He laughed.
"Shhh, your wake the others!" I whispered.
"WHO CARES BOUT THEM!" Harry shouted. I eventually got him to be quiet and I lay him down on a sofa. He fell asleep instantly. I tock the other sofa and fell back to sleep as well.
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