The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


8. 8

"Where were we?" Harry smirked, crashing his lips over mine. I pulled away for a breathe.
"About here!" I said. Harry kissed me again and again and again!
"Harry we're been in here for like 10 minutes and I haven't tried anything on!" I said.
"Never mind!" He smirked.

Louis's POV
"I like that one!" I said to Eleanor as she tried on the 3rd dress.
"Guez, the people next to us are a bit noisy!" She said. I laughed. They were!
"Come on El, we have been in here for like 10 minutes Harry and Katie will be waiting for us!"

Katie's POV
I pulled away from Harry's soft lips. He leaned in again. I put my hand in the way.
"What?" He said.
"Listen!" I whispered. "It's Louis,"
"Crap! He's in the changing room next to us!" Harry said. "Let's go! He'll never know e were next to him!" Harry grabbed all the cloths that I hadn't tried on and we walked out the fitting room.
"Hey!" Louis said. Him and Eleanor were just coming out as well.
"You guys were a bit noisy!" Eleanor laughed.
"Yeah..sorry," I replied.
"So which are you buying?" Eleanor said.
"I didn't really like any of them!" I said, handing them to the shop assistance and walking out empty handed. We waited for Eleanor to pay and then went for lunch. All seven of us sat down in a small cafe and ordered food.
"So you sure nothing happened in that changing room?" Eleanor asked raising her eyebrow.
"Of corse something happened!" I said. Harry stared at me. "I tried on cloths!" Eleanor raised her eyebrow again. It was so cool how she did that. I needed to learn!
"Ok, ok!" She said.
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