The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


7. 7

"Are you planning on telling the other boys?" I asked during a silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, just a silence. Nothing was awkward between me and Harry.
"Nah.. I don't think so just yet," he replied. "Do you want them to know?" He question.
"Nah, I just want it us two," I said, in twinning my finger in his hand.
"..and Ella!" He pointed out.
"She won't tell," I said. Harry phone stared vibrating in his pocket.
"It's Louis," he said, picking up the phone.
"Hey Lou.....ok....sure....ya-ha...she's not my girlfriend! better!.....ok wait..." He tock the phone away from his ear and put it against his chest. "Do you wanna go shopping with the boys and Eleanor?" He asked.
"Who's Eleanor?" I asked.
"Oh Louis's girlfriend,"
"Ok," I replied.
Harry up the phone back to his ear. "Yeah mate....,that's fine....yeah she said it would be fine......k......we will be there in five," he hang up. "We're got to keep this between us," he said.
"Ok," I smiled.
"It's kinda like a game," Harry said, "lets see how long we can keep it up!" He smiled cheekily.
I walked into my flat and grabbed my bag chucking my purse and phone inside it. I walked out and was greeted by Harry he tock my hand.
"No Styles, that will give away the game!" I smiled and let go of his hand. We meet the other boys and Eleanor outside the shopping centre and we went shopping. Well me and Eleanor went shopping whilst the boys watched us. We went into new look first.
"How about this?" Eleanor asked.
"Very nice!" I replied, smiling.
"I dunno, I think it would look nicer on you!" She held it up on me. "You have to try this on!" She said.
"Ok," I agreed. Harry came up behind me.
"Do you...want give my..option?" He asked.
"Yeah, sure. Just wait outside the changing room," I walked over to the fitting rooms.
"How many?" The shop assistance asked.
"Just one," I said, as she handed me the door hanger thing.
"You can't block the hallway, you have to go in with her or leave," the shop assistance said to Harry. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in the changing rooms. I tried on the shirt.
"What do you think?" I said to Harry.
"I didn't come her to give my option!" He said. "Although it looks nice," he grabbed my waist and pulled me in close. He crashed his lips onto mine and I gripped his neck. My hands worked there way up his head, until my hands were tangled up in his beautiful curly hair. He lifted me up so I was sitting around his waist. We stopped occasionally. for breaths, but for most of the times our lips were attracted. I suddenly heard Louis outside.
"Are you sure she's just trying on one shirt?" Louis asked Eleanor.
"Yeah, she only tock me," she replied.
"What are you guys doing in there!" Louis shouted. I quickly slipped of the shirt and back into my hoodie.
"Sorry I just lost my earring!" I said.
"Ok," Louis said. "Top shop?" Louis suggested. We all nodded.
We all headed off to top shop. Me and Eleanor picked out a couple of dresses and shirts.
"Lou, come and help me try these on!" She said, dragging him off to the fitting rooms.
"Do you option again?" Harry smirked.
"Yep!" I said, dragging him off to a fitting room. But what I didn't realise is it was the fitting room next to Eleanor and Louis...
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