The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


6. 6

I was sitting in my bed-thinking. What was I gonna so about Ella? I had to do something so she would believe me! She had always been smarter than me, prettier than me. Now it was my time! I showered quickly and blow dryer my hair. I slipped into my legging, hoodie and uggs and knocked on Harry door. There was no answer, he must be out. I turned around to go home and Harry was standing there.
"Someone's looking for me?" He said in a cheeky voice.
"Maybe.." I said back.
"You wanna go out for lunch?" He asked.
"Lunch? It's like.." I looked at my watch. It was 12:54. "Ok then! Then it is!" Harry tock my hand and we walked to a restaurant. It was quite fancy and I felt a little under dressed. The restaurant had the most beautiful Italian food. Me and Harry shared a massive pizza, though!
Harry walked me home, but then invited me into his flat.
"Sure," I replied. He sat on his sofa and I sat down next to him. His sofa was bigger than mine and there was still room for about 4 other people on it. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. Our lips moved in sync. Between kisses, Harry whispered words, which I couldn't understand. I pulled away, as I was out of breathe. But his kisses were addictive! He leaned in for more and I couldn't refuse. This moment was perfect, I wish I could have just stopped time. After we finally finished we talked for a bit. He stroked my head and hair my hair out of my face whilst gazing into my eyes.
"What on your mind?" He said.
"It nothing," I said.
"Yes it is," he replied.
"We'll my friend Ella, she called me and she is a massive one direction fan. And she told me that you and me were on a magazine. And I told her that it was me and she didn't believe me," I looked at Harry, he was thinking. He looked cute when he was thinking!
"She have Skype?" He said.
"Yep," I replied, not really sure what he was getting at.
"We'll if you and me Skype her, how can she not believe you!" He said.
"Ok styles! Where's your laptop," I replied.
We waited for Skype to load and as it finally did I called Ella. First there was no reply but then she messaged me: 'I'm not gonna believe you about Harry, so don't try and make up any crap about him' I replied: 'ok I won't, just pick up' I called her again and she picked up. I put our camera on and her eyes practically popped out of her head.
"Ella-Harry, Harry-Ella!" I said, giving her a smirk smile.
"H-hi!" Ella said.
"Hi there! I'm Harry, Katie's boyfriend!" He said. Ella just stared at us.
"Wait...does this count as making up crap about Harry?" I said.
"N-no!" She replied.
"So I hear your a fan of 1D..?!" Harry said.
"Y-yeh!" Ella said.
"Ella! Calm down, Harry is just a normal person!"
"Sorry Katie. I believe you now!" She said.
"Who wouldn't!" I replied. Pleased with myself.
"S-so a-re you two really d-dating?" She said. Harry looked at me and smiled.
"Ya-ha!" I replied.
"How did you k-know e-each other?" Ella questioned.
"She's my next door neighbour!" Harry said. I could see Ella was getting more used to it.
"Katie said you kissed,twice!" Ella said.
"When we spoke it was twice, it's a bit more now!" I said.
"Prove it!" Ella said.
"Mission accepted!" I said before Harry placed his lips onto mine. I could hear Ella screaming as our lips moved in sync with each others.
"OMG!" She screamed. "I defo believe you Katie, I'm sorry!"
"Ok thanks. Got to go!" I said.
"We're are you going..?" Ella asked.
"I have some business I need to attend to!" I looked at Harry and she smiled.
"Ok ill leave to too...alone!" She said hanging up.
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