The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


4. 4

I went to go and get changed into my baby pink skinny jeans and black top. I wanted to make a good impression seizing as I was having lunch, with Harry Styles! I know, I know. He had seen me before, but I wasn't expecting him to be my next door neighbour!
Soon after I got changed there was a knock at the door.
"Coming!" I shouted, hoping it was Harry and not some random stranger.
"Hi Harry!" I said, relived it was him!
"Hey," he said. I grabbed my purse and phone and shut the door behind me. We walked to a small cafe and Harry pointed out the corner shop on the way. How could I have missed it! I was gonna tell him I couldn't find it, but that would make me look stupid. We got to the cafe and ordered drinks. We both got milk shakes, me strawberry, him banana. We had a completion who could make that loudest noise when blowing thought the straw. Harry won, and at the end the whole cafe were staring t us for all the noise! Our sandwiches came and we ate and talked. I loved Harry's voice. It was a thick British accent. We walked back to the flat and go into the elevator. The doors opened at floor 2 and Niall stepped in.
"Hey Niall!" I said, remembering him from earlier.
"Hey Katie!" He said. Harry looked at Niall, then me.
"Do you too..know each other?!" He questioned.
"Yep, we meet earlier!" Niall said.
"Wait...I never told you my name!" I said looking at Niall and raising my eyebrow.
"No I worked it out on my own!" He said smugly. I looked at Harry.
"I didn't tell him!" Harry said.
"No, Louis did!" Niall said walking out of the elevator.
"Wait live on floor 4?" Harry said confused.
"Yeah this is floor 4! With all your yapping you missed floor 3!" He said and the doors closed. We went back down to floor three and walked to our doors.
"Oh, I forgot my keys!" Harry said. "Mind if I come in!" He said smugly.
"Fine!" I said as if I didn't want him too. We were just joking around though. I unlocked the door and let him in.
"Sorry about the mess! I haven't really unpacked everything yet!" I said. "You want a can of coke?" I asked.
"Yeah, sure," he replied makin him self quite at home on the bigger sofa. I joined him and chucked him one of the cans.
"So what you wanna do?" I said awkwardly.
"Talk," he said starring at me.
"What you wanna talk about?" I said, staring at the floor.
"I want to know all about you, we're your from, when your birthday, what's your favourite colour!" He said.
"Ok, we'll I'm from Chicago, my birthday is on September 13th and my favourite colour is red!" I replied.
"No, tell me more about you! The real you!" He said.
"Ok, but there's not much to tell. I'm just a regular girl from Chicago,"
"And I was just a regular guy and then I went on the xfactor. Now no one can act normal around me. I have mucked myself up!" He stared at the floor, ovisously hurt.
"Harry I'm sorry! I'm just not interesting I'm just normal, nothing speacil," I replied.
"Your speacil to me!" He said, looking up. I knew what was going to happen next...
"Ok, I meet you yesterday!" I said kinda shocked.
"I know, but I like you. I like you a lot," he said. I would of replied but he crashed a passionate kiss onto my lips. Butterflies flew around my stomach wildly. Our lips parted and a smile spread across my face.
"Your speacil to me Katie. I know I only meet you yesterday, and I want to get to know you better!" He said.
"Ok," I said quietly. He got up of the sofa and walked over to the door. He kissed me again.
"And your not a regular girl," He said.
"Huh?" I said.
"Not when the papparrizi find out your Harry Styles' girlfriend!" He said closing the door.
"If that's your way of asking me out...-" I replied, shouting from inside my flat.
"It was!" He shouted back.
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