The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


41. 39

I kinda felt sorry for Niall in a way. Like Zayn had Perrie. Liam has Molly. Louis had Eleanor. Harry had me, and the it was just him. I didn't want to try and interfere with his love life again, that didn't really work last time...
I decided to text him. What if we all went out to a club, he might meet a girl? You never know. I got up a group chat we were all having earlier and wrote a message:
*Hey guys, just wondering if you guys wanna go out to a club or something tonight? We havn't been out for ages!!! ;) xxx*
I got instant replies:
Zayn: Sorry, don't really think a club is the right idea for me right now :(
Perrie: promised Zayn movie night, sorry babe xx
Liam: me and moos would love to!
Niall: sure, we haven't been out in ages! x
Harry: I guess I have no choice, now come into the bedroom ;)
Louis: gross Harry! Other people are in this chat!
Harry: hey, I never said what we were gonna do in the bedroom ;)
Louis: yeah, I don't think we want to know...
I chuckled at the conversation and walked into the bedroom, my phone still in my hand. It was empty, well apart from the mess Harry claimed to tidy this afternoon.
"You call for me?" I said, in a posh voice. Suddenly Harry jumped out from behind the door and grabbed me from behind spinning me around and dumping me onto the bed.
"Your evil!" I said.
"And your hot!" She smiled. I sat up crossed legged and he knelt onto the bed kissing my lips softly.
"Come on, we need to get ready!" I said, pushing him away after a couple of kisses. I opened the wardrobe and got out a shinny black dress. I lay it on the bed and went into the bathroom to shower. After the shower I blowed dryed my hair and curled it a little bit, so it looked kinda natural. I put on the dress and applied a tiny bit of makeup. I walked out the bathroom, Harry was sat on the bed on his phone. He wolf whistled at me and I grabbed my purse.
"You won't be needing that," he said, taking it off me and chucking it behind him.
"Yes I will," I said. "What if I want a drink?" I said, out smarting him.
"I will be paying!" He said, normal I would agree or disagree, but I couldn't be bothered today, so I just linked my arm into his as we walked out the door.
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