The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


37. 37

We all stared at the doctor as he sighed. I was so worried and it didn't look good.
"Did...he die..?" Louis whispered, whirling from tears.
"No, he is still alive," the doctor said. We all whooped and danced around. "But.." The doctor continued. We all stopped and stared at him. "He was hit pretty bad, he broke his left leg, his right arm and his left wrist. His ribs were damage and he...probably wont remember you," the doctor said.
"What?" Harry replied.
"I'm sorry, this must be a shock for you. But all I can ask is you take great care of him and help him," the doctor said, leaving the room.
"How can we take care of him, if he doesn't know who we are?" Harry said, beating his fist against the wall.
"We'll al least he survived!" I said cheerfully, turning the mood around.
"But he won't friking remember who we are!" Harry said, obvious very annoyed about this.
"Then we can make him remember!" I said. Everyone stared at me, wanting to know where I was going with this idea. "Like we play him one direction songs and introduce our selfs and tell him funny stories and show him photos. He might...maybe he might remember," I smiled and everyone smiled back.
The doctor walked back in: "you may see Zayn now, he is in room 36," he said and we walked into the room next door in single file.
Zayn was lying there in a bed with tubes coming out of his nose and his wrists. He looked pale and he has cuts and stitches all over his face and arms. A big lump stuck out in his bed, where the cast of his broken leg must have been. We walked in and gathered around his bed.
"Hey Zayn," Niall said. Zayn returned a puzzled face. I then remembered the doctor said Zayn might not remember. There is still a chance he does...isn't there?
"Zayn, you won't remember us, but we remember you. You are our best friend and we are part of a band called one direction. This is Niall, Liam, Harry, Niall and Im Louis," Louis explained.
"And this is Perrie, your girlfriend, and this is Eleanor, Louis girlfriend and this is Katie, my girlfriend," Harry said.
"Why are you explaining this," Zayn asked with a wobbly voice.
"We are trying to make you remember who we are," Liam said.
"What?" Zayn said, staring at him. "I know who you guys are!" His voice sounded almost normal then. Everyone stared at him, huge smiles on his face.
"ZAYN!" Everyone shouted, and we all hugged him the best we could without making him in pain.
"So guys Vas Happin', Zayn asked as we all tock our seats in the chairs around his bed.
"Wait, Zayn. Do you remember...getting hit?" Perrie asked. Zayn looked down.
"Unfortunately, yes," he replied. We all looked at him as if we wanted it to be explained.
"Me and Perrie were on our way to the park and I was kicking a football along the payment. I accidentally kicked it across the road and I ran to go and get it. I got it and started to walk back across paths road. Then suddenly out of no were this car came and ran straight into me. I remember hearing Perrie screamed and pain in my arms and legs and then in all went black," Zayn said, we all just stared at him, speechless.

Authors note:
Don't worry, Zayn is ok:) sorry I promised an update last night, but my mum tock my iPad off me and I didn't get a chance too. So I hope you forgive me. Comment what you think of the new chapter and remember to like and fav if you havnt already! Thank you!!!!!! xxxx love you all xxx
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