The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


36. 36

6 months later:

The tour finished 3 months ago and we are now all home. I sold my flat and moved in with Harry, I didn't have far to move seeing as he was my next door neighbour! Louis and Eleanor got married about a month ago and El is 4 months pregnant! She only found out a couple of weeks ago. Niall and Ella didn't work out though. They broke up shortly after the tour and haven't seen each other since. Ella says she's ok with it, but I can tell she's upset. She went back to America and I haven't seen her since. Liam is now dating a girl called Molly, who I don't like to much, but I don't know why! And Zayn is dating Perrie from little mix, and she's really sweet.
So now you know we're we are up to, I will continue:....

I woke up to a knock at the door. I moaned loudly, anyone who disturbs my sleep is not a food person.
"I'm cominggggg!" I yelled as they knocked a second time. I opened the door to the flat that now me and Harry own and Perrie was standing there, she looked worried, scared.
"Hi, what's up?" I asked, tiredness in my voice. She stood there staring at me, her face was pale.
"..perrie..?" I said.
"...z....z...Zayn." She said, a tear escaped her eye.
"What about him!" I said, grabbing her hands.
"He....he.....he...." Was all she could say.
"Harry!" I shouted and he came running to the doorstep.
"What?" He said.
"Look," I pointed to Perrie. She was even more pale now and was trembling.
"She said something about Zayn, can you call him?" I asked. Harry nodded and walked off to call Zayn. He came back two minutes later.
"No answer," he said. I was really getting worried now.
"What's happened to Zayn?" I asked Perrie, desperate for an answer.
" by a car," she broke down into tears. Harry ran Louis whilst I tried to calm Perrie. Harry got off the phone from Louis. Him and Eleanor were already at the hospital. I grabbed some legging and a hoodie and me, Harry and Perrie jumped into Harry's car.

We arrived at the hospital and we ran up to the front desk.
"Zayn Malik please," Harry said.
"Room 35," the lady said.
"Thank you," I said, before we all ran towards the end of the corridor. We found room 35 and opened the door. Niall, Liam, Louis and Eleanor were all sitting there crying.
"Where's Zayn?" I asked, really worried now.
"He's just gone into a operation." Louis sobbed. We sat down in the chairs next to them and we all sat in silence with the offend sniff or sob. I prayed to god Zayn would be ok, I could see the others doing the same. A doctor walked in and surprised us all as we weren't concentrating.
"Zayn Mailk.." He started...

Authors note:
Some of you said you didn't like Ella and to be honest neither did I, so I kicked her out. Also I felt there wasn't enough drama, so now there is! Comment what you think. I promise there will be a happy ending, in the end. This story will problem end on chapter 40, maybe a couple more. So anyway, like, fave, fan me, whatever! And what do you think happened to Zayn????
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