The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


34. 34

Ella and Niall walked into the bus together. I was still cuddled up with Harry on the sofa, I don't think we had actually moved. I was leaning on his shoulder, with his head leaning on my head. He had his arm locked around my waist and my arms cupped around his. I smiled as I heard the door open. Ella and Niall sat down in front of us, smiling at each other.
"So you too really hit it off?" I sat smirking and then realising what I said, maybe they weren't a couple!
"Yeah we did," Ella smiled. We all stared at each other awkwardly.
"Kate, can I talk to you, in private?" She asked.
"Do we have to! It's just I'm so comfy!" I moaned.
"Yes we do, now!" She said giving me a look. I got up, pecked Harry's lips before following her into the bathroom. She locked the door quickly.
"What?" I said. I probably sounded like a rubbish, unsupportive friend right now, but I had a boyfriend pillow I wanted to get back to!
"I'm Niall girlfriend!" She said, beaming. I screamed and then clasped my hand over my mouth. I then hugged her tight.
"Aww...I'm so happy for you to!" I said, now sounding like a supportive friend.
"But what do I do?" She asked.
"I don't know," I said, kinda clueless.
"We'll you obviously do, you and Harry are doing great," she pointed out and I nodded, thinking of his incredibly comfy chest! I needed to get out more!
"We'll don't sleep with him until you are serious," I said seriously.
"What, you sleep with Harry every night." She said.
"I know, but we don't do 'it'" I replied. Ella smirked at me. "But we are getting to that stage." I grinned.
"Ok, " Ella said, taking in what I was saying.
"Have you kissed?" I smirked.
"Yes, he kissed me and then asked me," she seemed really delighted.
"Aww, we'll I'm happy you guys got together," I said, "now I have a really comfy shoulder to get back to!" I said, leaving the bathroom, Ella following me. She sat down next to Niall as I leaned on Harry again. His hand wrapped around my waist like a magnet
"So you guys are a couple now!" Harry said, more of a statement than a question. Him and Niall had obviously been talking too. Ella and Niall both nodded
"So are you glad we set you up?" I asked, they both stared at me. Wait, did they not know?
"It was you guys!" Niall said, confused but not annoyed.
"I thought you knew," I said blankly.
They both gave us the evils.
"Run!" Harry shouted, we both got up and ran into the bathroom locking the door behind us. Ella and Niall were outside banging on the door, I suddenly heard them stop.
"Wait we should be happy, thanks guys!" I heard Niall say, we'll I think that's what he said....I was kinda co contracting on kissing Harry whilst we stripped each others cloths off...
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