The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


3. 3

I woke up the next morning and moped around for most of the morning. I was about to have breakfast when I realised I still didn't have any food. I couldn't go and ask Harry for breakfast...could I? No! I could find a corner shop near by and buy some cereal. I got dressed and grabbed my keys, phone and purse. After about 30 minutes of searching I gave up. I got into the elevator, a tall guy with brown hair was leaning against the side of the lift. The doors of the lift closed.
"Do you live here?" He asked.
"Eh yeah, do you?" I questioned.
"Yeah, what floor do you live on?" He asked.
"What is this? 20 questions!" I said.
"Sorry!" He said.
"I live on floor 3," I said.
" know Harry?" He said with a smirk.
"Oh yeah, we meet last night, we are going out for lunch today. Why you know him?"
"Ya-ha!" He said as if he was pointing out the obvious. I stared at him.
"Oh, you Louis Tomlinson!" I said.
"We'll done!" He said sarcastically.
"Ha, Ha!" I said. The lift doors opened and I stepped out.
"We'll see you around Louis," I said.
"See ya..?" He said waiting for me to fill out the blank.
"Katie," I smiled, as the doors closed again. I walked towards my flat. Well it was 12:30 now, so I could have lunch soon. Who cares about breakfast?!
Wow! So I share a block of flats with Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles! Next thing I know Niall Horan will be knocking on my door. Suddenly, there was a knock I opened my door slowly.
"Hi, is this Harry's flat," said a blonde Irish guy.
"No, it's next door. Niall right?" I said.
"Yep! And thanks!" He said.
Well this is one weird day!?!
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