The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


27. 27

Once I finally dragged myself out of bed I showered and got dressed.
"Morning sleepyhead!" Liam said to me.
"Morning!" I replied.
"Have a good night?!"Louis smirked. I just chucked a cushion at him. Then I remembered today was the day of the big concert, Ella and the boys back stage. Why did I ever promise her backstage passes? Because she wouldn't shut up about them! Ah we'll, this could be interesting...

-a couple of hours later-
I was at the concert right now. Me and Eleanor were stood backstage whilst the boys were singing. I had told them about Ella coming backstage and I could tell Harry wasn't to happy about it.
After the concert we all lay across the red sofa. About six 12 year olds ran in excitedly.
"Oh my god, HI!" One of them screamed.
"Hi," the boys replied.
"Can I have a photo with you guys?" A pretty blonde girl asked.
"Sure," Louis said.
"Do you want me to tack the photo?" I offered.
"No, I want you to be in the photo!" The girl said shocked. One of the other 12 year olds took the photo and we posed for about 8 more photos. They finally left and the next group came in. One of the girls was videoing the whole thing, which was a little awkward. Eventually the last group came in, Ella. I saw Harry sigh as she walked in shyly.
"Hello love, what's you name?" Liam asked her.
"Ella," she replied. Liam looked at me and I nodded.
"Katie's friend, right?" He asked.
"Yeah," she smiled. We all talked for a bit longer, well it was mainly Niall, Liam and Ella and the rest of us just sat there. I was sat on Harry's lap and he was twirling my hair around his finger.
"Ok kids, time to go!" The boys manager walked in and said. I hated how everyone called us kids. Like come on, we are all 18 and above.
"But Paul, we are talking!" Niall complained.
"We'll if you wanna keep talking then go back to the Bus!" He said. Niall looked at all of us and they all nodded. I looked at Harry, he had his eyes fixed on Niall and a angry look on his face. I mouthed: please, to him. And he mouthed back: for you. Well I think that what he said, I'm not the best lip reader. We all got onto the bus and talked some more. Niall and Ella were really getting along! Maybe Niall had moved on from me to her, perfect! Now I wouldn't have to worry about it. It was getting late and was about midnight and Ella was still here.
"Guys, I'm gonna go to bed now," I said.
"Me too," Harry said.
"Hey Ella you can sleep over if you like..?" Niall said.
"But we don't have a spare bed..?" Liam said.
"No, but since Harry will be sleeping with Katie, Ella can tack Harry's bed!" Louis said, smirking at me. I looked at Ella and she mouthed: Oh my god! We all practically went straight to bed then.
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