The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


25. 25

The day went on and turns out it was another free day. The boys lied just so we could do something the other day. Louis and Eleanor went of to celebrate and Liam,,Niall and Zayn went shopping. That left me and Harry.
"So what do you want do do today?" He asked me in a posh sounding voice.
"I don't mind, Styles, what do you want to do!" I replied in a posh voice.
"You haven't called me that in ages!" Harry smile. "And I asked you first!"
"But I don't know!" I giggled.
"Fine, we could go look around the city?" He suggested.
"Sounds good to me!" He tock my hand and we left the bus. Then we realised none of us had any money or our phones, or even shoes on! We got all our stuff and walked around the city. I recognised the shopping centre from the other day. We walked down the high street hand in hand, when suddenly I stopped. A blonde girl walked past me and I swear I recognised her! She had headphones in and walked straight past me. I turned around, I swear it was her! I called out to her:
"Ella!" I shouted, a couple of people turned around including her. She look puzzled and then realised.
"Oh my god! Katie!" She screamed and came running up to me giving me a tight hug. "What the hell are you doing here?" She asked.
"I'm on tour with the boys," I replied.
"The boys?" She questioned.
"Yeah, one direction," I said. She then looked at who was standing next to me.
"OH MY GODDD!!!! YOUR....YOUR......" She screamed bringing attention to us.
"Harry," I finished off for her.
"Hi," Harry said, waving awkwardly.
"Wait why are you here, Chicago is miles away!" I said realising I hadn't asked her.
"Oh I came to watch the one direction concert tomorrow," she said and looked at Harry, she started twirling her hair around her finger and biting her lip. "I'm a big fan!" She said. I gave her the evils and she stopped.
"Hey guys what's going on?" Niall suddenly appeared out of no where and asked.
"Oh nothing much, this is Ella my friend," I said. "Ella this is.."
"Niall Horan!" She said, doing the twirling hair thing again.
"Hi," he said shaking her hand.
"Anyway, we I'll let you too catch up," Harry said, probably desperate to leave from the crazy fan.
"Yeah sure," I said.
"Call me and we will swing by and pick you up later," he said. "Have fun," he kissed my lips softly before leaving with Niall. Me and Ella found a nice cafe were we sat and ordered hot chocolate.
"So how many times have you kissed now?!" She asked excitedly.
"What? I don't count?!" I said kinda in shock.
"So thats that a lot!" she said whilst raising her eyebrow. I smiled a giggled. "What is it like?" She leaned forward to me.
"Like what?" I asked.
"Kissing Harry Styles!" She said and leaned in more, obviously curious.
" a kiss!" I said, pointing out the obvious.
"I can't believe you get to hang out with one direction all day, it's not fair!" She moaned.
"Look it you stop fangirling I can get you backstage passes to tomorrow's concert!" I said and she shut up. We talked for about 2 more hours and then I called Harry. I saw the bus moments later turn round the corner at the end of the road.
"See ya tomorrow!" I said.
"See ya!" She said giving me one last hug. I ran up to the bus and jumped on.
"So where to now!" I said.
"Shhh!" Louis shouted.
"We are in an intense game!" Harry said. I looked at what they were playing and laughed.
"Wow you guys are hand core!" I said sitting down next to Harry. "An intense game of snap!" I laughed.
"Snap!" Louis shouted.
"What no fair, you put me off!" Harry said to me.
"Sorry!" I said. "Oh by the way I think my friend Ella has a crush on you," I said.
"What?" He said raising his eyebrow. Man! Everyone could o it, was it just me who couldn't!?
"Yeah, you know how she was failing to flirt with you earlier?" I said.
"Oh that's why she was acting at creepy with the twirling hair stuff," he said.
"Yep," I said popping the p.
"We'll I have you, so it's all good," he said, and kissed me on the lips.
"EWWWWWW!" Louis shouted and covered his eyes with his arms.
"Excuse me, but you are the one with a fiancé!" I said.
"True!" Louis said, leaping onto Eleanor, poor girl, and started kissing her too. Liam came in from the kitchen and we were both at it!
"Eww, a snogging session, gross!" He said, walking out.
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