The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


21. 21

I woke up the next morning to the fire alarm going off. I opened my eyes slowly and the boys were running around the room madly. Liam was sanding on the kitchen counter with a tea towel in his hand. He was waving it near the smoke alarm. Niall was by the oven whining about his food burning. Louis was running around shouting: "FIRE! FIRE!" Harry was still cradling me in his arms and smiling at me and Zayn and Eleanor were telling everyone to shut up.
Eventually everyone quieten down and we had an unburnt breakfast.
"So, today is our last free day and then we have a load of concerts!" Liam said, whilst we were eating.
"Let's to to the zoo!" Louis shouted with his mouthful. Everyone nodded in agreement. We all got changed and headed off to the zoo. We walked for a while and then realised none of us knew were the zoo was. We didn't even know if there was a zoo anywhere near!
"Come on Katie! You used to live in America, you should know were the zoo is!" Louis shouted at me.
"Sorry! America is a big place, and I have never been here before. I lived in Chicago!" I replied.
"How far away is that?" He asked.
"Like the other side of the country!" I pointed out.
"Oh," was all he replied. We never found the zoo, so we ended up spending our last free day in the bus doing twit cams all day. It was actually really fun doing them all 7 of us. I had only ever done them with Harry before and it was proper mad with all of us, and we were kinda loud!
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