The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


15. 15

It actually felt great letting the other know about me and Harry. It felt although it lifted a weigh of my shoulders. I know that sounds really cheesy, but I don't have to worry about it anymore! I can have a proper relationship. I woke up this morning to a knocking on my door. I groaned as I dragged myself out of bed without even looking in the mirror. I knew it would be one of the boys or Eleanor, most likely Harry. I opened the door still in my pyjamas, my hair a mess. It was Harry.
"Morning!" He said, lifting me up bridal styles and kissing my lips, before putting me back on the floor.
"Morning!" I replied.
"I have big news!" He said.
"We'll no point telling me on the doorstep, come in," I said. We sat down on the sofa and we intwined our finger together.
"So.." I said, kinda getting excited now!
"You know how me and the boys are coming on tour tomorrow," he said. I remember about that, 4 months away from would I cope. I snapped out of my thoughts when Harry contuied what he was saying. "So...we thought you and Eleanor should come with us!" I started at him.
"Really?!" Was all I could say.
"Yep!" He said, popping the 'p'.
"Thank you!" I said, hugging him tightly.
"That's ok, now go and pack. We are meeting the boys at 10 for coffee, I'll pick you up at 10 to," he winked at me, before closing the door behind me. I was going on tour with one direction! WOOOOHOOOO! I grabbed my big red suitcase and started packing....wait....what about the fans???....

Authors note:
Sooo? What will the fans think of Katie and Harry? What will happen over coffee? Please comment, like and fave! Thank you so much! I have already got like 70 likes!!!! ;) thank you xxxx
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