The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


11. 11

Me and Harry stood in the lift. He reached out for my hand and by the time we touched the doors opened. I followed Harry into his flat and made tea whilst he got changed. We sat at his table and sipped our tea.
"You know 'this game'?" He said. "It's kinda fun!" He smirked.
"Yep!" I replied. "Eleanor thinks we are a couple though!"
"Yeah, she could ruin it for the others!" He said.
"I think we should do something to day, to get them all suspicious!" I grinned.
"TALK!" Harry replied, excited.

-2 hours later-
After I explained my idea to Harry, we came up with a plan and got straight to it...well after a bit more kissing!
Right now, we are in the park. Me and Harry on the swings. Zayn and Niall on the slide. Eleanor and Liam on the round-a-bout and Louis failing at the monkey bars! Harry nodded at me and we got up and walked over to the slide, were we both sat down on the grass.
"Ok, let's play truth or dare!" Harry grinned. Everyone whopped and sat down near us so we all formed a small circle.
"Ok Louis" Harry said. "Truth or dare!" He grinned.
"Truth!" Louis said, rubbing his hands and getting ready.
"If you weren't dating Eleanor, who would you date out of us lot?" Harry said.
"Err..well Katie's the only other girl!" He pointed out.
"Mate, you could be gay!" Liam said.
"Nah, I'm good!" Louis smirked. "Ok, Liam..!" Louis started. The game went on for a bit. Nothing too interesting happened.
"Ok, let's playing behind the tree!" Niall said.
"What the heck is behind the tree?!" I replied.
"I just made it up now!" He replied. "What you do is: two people go behind a tree and they can do whatever they want!" He grinned. Everyone was confused. Once Niall explained it better, we all got it. I glanced at Harry. I sure knew what I was gonna do with him behind that tree! We selected a large tree, so no one could peck. Our truth or dare plan hadn't really worked and I guess me and Harry had kinda given up now. My thoughts were interrupted by Niall.
"Ok Eleanor and Louis! Your up first!" Niall said. We all watched Eleanor and Louis walk hand in hand behind the tree. All I should here was a load of giggling. I didn't really see the point of this game, but poor Niall was trying so hard. Louis and Eleanor came out about 5 minutes later, and I defo didn't see the point of this game as we all knew what they did!
"Niall and Katie are next!" Louis grinned. I walked behind the tree slowly, not really knowing what we were gonna do. I thought we would just stand there awkwardly but no! We got behind the tree and Niall came close up to me.
"I love you," he whispered into my ear. I gave him a confused look and then he pecked my lips, before walking out from behind the tree again. Ok! That was random! He was probably just joking. A couple of other people had there turn and finally Eleanor said me and Harry. I guess I no why she chose us! We got behind the tree and Harry smashed his lips over mine, he pushed me up against the side of the tree and the bark dug into my back. My arms clung to his neck as his hands gripped my waist. After about 2 minutes, I needed air and pulled away.
"You almost done!?" Louis shouted. Crap! How long had we been! We walked out from behind the tree.
"Oooohhh! Do tell what happened!" Eleanor asked, clapping her hands.
"I was trying to guess Harry pass lock on his phone," I said. I saw Eleanor looking disappointed and I couldn't help being proud of myself.
"It that it!" She moaned.
"Why what did you think happened, like we made pit of something!?" I joked, even though I guess that's what did happen! She will never know though!
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