The Next Door Neighbour

Katie has just moved from America to England. She is kinda scared about living on her own. Luckily, her next door neighbour and his friends make her feel very welcome... Cover by: HSxox_


10. 10

When I next woke up more loud music was playing. I looked at my watch and it was now 11'o'clock. Niall and Louis were playing on wii fit and it was on full volume along with the loud music that Zayn, Liam and Eleanor were dancing too. Harry was still asleep, now on the floor.
"Looks like your boyfriends still asleep!" Eleanor said, grinning. She could tell I was getting annoyed by her.
"He's not my boyfriend!" I said, trying to nudge Harry awake.
"What?" Harry moaned as I nudge him harder.
"Time to wake up sleepy boy!" I said. He sat up.
"I don't feel to good," Harry said, holding his head.
"It's called a hangover!" I said. Harry went to the bathroom, I joined Louis and Niall on the wii. Liam was already coaching Louis, so I decided to coach Niall.
"Come on Niall!" I shouted. "Your not gonna let Louis win are you?"
"I can't promise anything!" He grinned. At this point in time, they were seeing who could hold the yoga position of the 'tree' for the longest.
"Come on Louis, Niall's about to pull out," Liam shouted. "We're about to win!" Man, we were competitive! I guess this game wouldn't be fun if we weren't.
"NIALL! NIALL! NIALL!" I started chanting, although it was only me, so I stopped after a while.
"LOUIS! LOUIS! LOUIS!" Liam chanted as well. It was still only him, but he carried on. Louis turned round, taking his eyes of the screen.
"Shut up Liam," he said, reaching out to slap Liam on the check. As he did so, he lost his balance and Niall won! Woooohhooooo!!!!!!!!
"Anyway, thanks guys for the sleepover, I'm gonna go take a shower," I said. I grabbed my stuff and walked towards the lift in my onzie. Then once I was inside the lift, resizing I still had my onzie on! Oh and by the way, don't think we are like lazy because we always use the lift, it's just the stairs are being repaired or something. I dunno!
I walked back into my flat and tock a long shower, letting the hot water burn my back. I got dressed and blow dryer my hair. I applied natural makeup and knocked on Harry's door. There was no reply. He must still be at Louis's. I tock the lift up to Louis's floor and knocked on the door.
"Is Harry still here?" I asked.
"Yeah, he's just lying on the sofa. I'll get him for you," I stood awkwardly in the hallway, he hasn't really invited me in so I didn't want to go in and be impolite. Harry walked over to me.
"Felling better?" I asked.
"I am now your here!" He said. Oh, he was such a flirt!
"Come on!" I said, practically dragging him out of Louis's flat.
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