If only it happened sooner

when your mum and dad split up and you are in adoption your whole life things begin to come together like a jigsaw


1. how it happened

My mum and dad split when I was two, I’ve never seen my dad and I were put in foster by mum. My whole life I have grown to love and care for this family when in the end they weren’t even mine. No one will ever get over the feeling, when you are told by the two people you love the most that you’re not even there’s.

It was back when I was in 6th form doing my final year. When I was told. I remember it as if it only happened yesterday. It was five days before my 18th, I was just retrieving my A levels. This is how my story started.

When I was told, it wasn’t them who told me they still to this day don’t know how I found out. It was my own father who had tracked me down, knew what school I went to. The one person who actually cared for me.

When I saw him looking at me, I needed to find out what he wanted; why he was there and more importantly who he was. Whilst I was trapped in my thought, I didn’t realise that he made his way across the room and was now standing about one meter away from me. As I looked into his eyes he had sky blue eyes just like me, the same shaped noes and quite tall just like I was. He was like a man version of me.  How could this be how could a random stranger be just like me?

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