TRAINING THE COUGAR *warning explicit content*

**Love Story with explicit content **
Shy thirty-something, Fifty Shades obsessive and One Direction fan Alexa, was hiding a traumatic secret from her past. As a result, she'd put up personal barriers and kept friends, colleagues and men at arm's length. Then one summer, Jake Martin appeared all too briefly in her life. He was handsome, clever, kind...and only eighteen! Nothing happened during that Summer, but now five years on, fate had ensured their paths crossed again. Could this traumatised Cougar put the past behind her and could Jake be the one who finally teaches her how to love?



"Alexa? You okay?"

"Mmm, hmm..."

Jake smiled against her breast, his head resting against her softly undulating chest. He kissed her breast and took the nipple into his warm, wet mouth, sucking gently.

"I'm beginning to think you're somewhat obsessed with my boobs," Alexa murmured, but couldn't hide the smile in her voice. She tried to open her heavy lidded eyes, but it was impossible. Nothing wanted to move apart from her mouth.

"Oh sweetheart, I haven't even STARTED my obsession with your boobs yet!" Jake chuckled as he kissed his way over to the other breast and drew the opposite nipple into his mouth.


Mmmm..I have to hand it to him, it feels SOOOO good when he does that...

Jake reluctantly released her nipple and slowly pulled himself up on his elbows, looking down at her. Alexa felt him shift and tried to open her eyes, but it truly was impossible.

"Open your eyes sweetheart."

"Nrrmmm...I'm trying Jake...I really am..."

"Try harder...I want to look into your beautiful eyes. I need to know you really are okay sweetheart. PLEASE..."


Alexa's body, so attuned to the way he said that one word, began to finally respond. Slowly and begrudgingly, her eyelids began to lift and her hazy emerald eyes searched for his jet irises.

"Hi..." he said softly, smiling adoringly at her.

"Hmmm...Hi yourself." She smiled back.

Jake moved slightly, supporting the majority of his weight on his left arm. He gently traced her lips with the thumb of his right hand, looking intently at her.

"Did...did I hurt you? Do you have any pain?"

Alexa slid her tongue out and stroked his moving thumb with it. Jake smiled and gently pushed it into her mouth. Alexa sucked on it for a few moments, then released it with a kiss to the pad.

"No, my love, I'm not in any pain. You didn't hurt me. You were amazing. Thank you so much." Tears began to well in her eyes.

No, no, NO! I am not going to bloody cry in front of him again! Okay...maybe just a little bit...

"Oh Alexa, sweetheart...NO! Don't...I can't bear it when you cry." He moaned as the tears began to pool and slowly slide out of the corners of her eyes.

"I...I'm just so happy Jake. I love you so, so much. My heart is just overflowing..."

Jake gently kissed her tears away and slowly brought his lips down to hers. He kissed her long and hard until he felt his own heart splinter into a million pieces, as the love he felt for her, consumed him from within.


Alexa woke with a jolt, where was she? It was dark and she couldn't move. She was hot, sweaty and seemingly paralysed due to something heavy wrapped round her. Suddenly from behind her in the dark, came a soft sigh, followed by strong fingers kneading her breast and finally a leg twitched from where it  was entwined over hers.

Mmmm...this is nice, but I need to move. I’m so hot and cramped...And thirsty. So, so thirsty. Just need to gently slide my legs out and try to wriggle free...

"As delectable as your wiggling arse is sweetheart, you will have to give me more time to recover. I am only human."


"Sorry, babe I didn't mean to wake you. I'm just hot and thirsty. I was trying to slip out to get some water from the bathroom."

"Ohhh Christ... Sorry sweetheart," Jake was now fully awake and realised he had pretty much trapped Alexa against him. "I can't bear to be separated from you even when I'm unconscious, apparently!" He extricated his leg from on top of hers and Alexa stretched her legs in glorious relief and went to get out of bed.


"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Any chance you could let go of my boob?"

"Do I have to?"


Chuckling in the darkness, Jake placed a wet kiss on her shoulder, gave her breast a final loving squeeze and let go.

Smiling and shaking her head, Alexa got off the bed and felt her way around it towards the bathroom door.

"Wait...let me turn on the light for you."

"NO! It's okay I can find my...OWW!"


Jake snapped the light on and sat up.

"Alexa! You okay? What happened?"

"I'm fine, just banged my toes on the suitcase. Turn the light off."

"It's okay, I'm not going back to sleep. I'll wait till you get back."

"Please Jake, I'm okay. Just turn the light off."

"Why are you crouching by the suitcase? Alexa...?"

Oh my God, why doesn't he just bloody listen? This is embarrassing enough!

"I don't want you to see me naked." Alexa mumbled, beginning to go pink.

"I'm sorry? If I've not spent the last few hours with YOU naked in my arms, then who was it?"

"That was different."


Oh for the love of all that's holy...

"Because...because...I was lying down and everything was in it's place! Now I'm upright and walking about and...and..."

Jake slid off the bed, went up to her and hauled her upwards.

"When will you understand how beautiful you are? You have nothing to be embarrassed about sweetheart. I promise. You look stunning naked, whether you are lying down, standing up or in any other position I want to try with you!"

Alexa slapped his chest gently and smiled. "I'm not that confident with being naked Jake. It's going to take time."

Jake kissed her softly on the lips. "Wait there." He turned and walked over to the chair and grabbed his shirt.

Wowzers! Now THAT I could happily watch all day long...the perfect view from the back...And the front. Mmmmm...

"Here, put this on if it makes you feel better." He held his shirt open and she gladly slipped her hands through the sleeves and wrapped it around her.

Mmmm it still smells of him...

Jake smiled. "Better?"

"Yes thanks."

"Good." He kissed the top of her head. "Go get a drink."

Smiling in relief, she turned away from him and headed into the bathroom.

"Oh and Alexa?" Jake called. "It's not good manners to perv on your naked boyfriend, when he's trying to be helpful."

Alexa blushed as she filled the cup with cold water. She took a long welcome drink, then turned the light off and headed back into the bedroom.

"As long as you keep YOUR good manners, that's all that matters." She said through gritted teeth.

Jake grinned as she made her way back to the bed. "Think you can lose the shirt now - please?"


Her nipples hardened and automatically triggered a response at the top of her thighs.

Jake gaped at her. "Oh...Alexa...I can see your nipples pushing against my shirt...I'm going to go hard every time I wear it!" He breathed.

Alexa blushed deeper, slipped into bed, then removed the shirt and hung it over the headboard.

Jake slid in behind her and stroked his hand down her side. "Settle back down sweetheart and go to sleep. It's only three thirty and I want you to get plenty of rest for what I have planned for later today." He snapped off the light, put his arm over her waist and spooned her.

"Why...what have you got planned?"

"You'll find out later. It's a surprise."

"Another one? Jake, you've spoilt me enough this weekend."

"Oh I haven't even BEGUN to spoil you yet sweetheart. Now go back to sleep." He kissed her behind her ear and she shivered as she felt him against her.


"I know, I know, I'm sorry. It reacted to you in my shirt. It'll go down in a bit. Just go to sleep."

Alexa pushed back slightly. "What if I'm not ready to sleep just yet?" She asked huskily.

Jake groaned. " need to rest...we have so much to do later and...Ohhhh...God...You're so... WET..."

Alexa began to grind gently against him.


"ALEXA..." Jake began with a growl, but finished with a groan.

"I...I want you Jake," Alexa whispered in the darkness, blushing at her audacity.

Jake shifted slightly and suddenly the headboard light came on again. He lifted his hand to her chin and tilted her head towards him.

"We do this now, it's not going to be like last time Alexa, otherwise we will be too exhausted to wake up in a few hours. You stay as you are and I will take you from behind. Quick and hard. Is that okay? You're not too sore?"

Quick and hard from behind? That sounded hot...

"No...I feel fine." She breathed as desire began to grow within her.

"Good." Suddenly his face softened and he beamed at her. "I should have known you'd be insatiable," he said with a wicked grin before plunging his lips down onto hers, his tongue automatically joining forces with her own.

Over and over they kissed and Alexa felt him take her hand off her chin and slowly move it down her body, to her thigh. Giving it a gentle push, he changed the angles slightly, then his hand was cupping her intimately, his thumb drawing circles over the tight knot of pleasure at the top of her thighs.

Yessss...Right...there.. MMMM....

Just when she was right at the precipice, Jake removed his hand, and before she could react, she felt him enter her.

"You okay...?"


"Good. Don't...Move..."

His fingers grasped her hip and suddenly he increased the tempo, driving himself into her over and over.


She could feel him more acutely at this angle and at this pace. He seemed to be hitting a pleasure-inducing place at the front of her that she didn't know existed until that precise moment.


"DON'T STOP JAAAKKKE.." She heard someone cry out.

Christ, was that high pitch, needy squeal, really me?



Finally sated, they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.


I don't think I've ever felt so happy...lying here in this field on a glorious sunny day...Ooh something tickles...A butterfly's dancing over my skin...My naked skin...I'M NAKED IN A FIELD...

With a gasp, Alexa's eyes flew open and she gulped in some panicked breaths.

"Shhh!'s okay...I'm here...Don't panic..."

Her wild green eyes, finally found Jake lying on his side next to her, gently stroking her skin. Not a field or butterfly in sight. She WAS lying naked in their bed in the morning sunlight though.

Where was the duvet...?

"Morning beautiful!" He beamed. "Sorry I had to wake you, but if you want breakfast, it's only on for the next hour or so and I'm STARVING!"

Alexa looked him up and down, greedily taking in his nakedness in the morning light.

Wow...He really IS gorgeous...Even first thing in the morning...SHIT! WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE?


She bolted upright and caught sight of herself in the dressing table mirror.


She quickly reached for his shirt and draped it around her, frantically trying to smooth down her wayward hair.


"Hey...Stop with the panicking!" He said soothingly.

"But I look a mess! You look like you've just stepped off the catwalk!"

"It must be some fashion show if I'm doing it naked!" Jake grinned. "You do NOT look a mess. You look beautiful and thoroughly well shagged!" He said with a wicked laugh.

Not helping...

Jake took her hand and kissed it. "Come on, lets hit the shower. You'll soon feel like yourself again." He shifted off the bed and held his hand out to her.

"You want me to shower with you?" Alexa asked horrified, clutching the shirt tighter to her.

"Oh God, yes! It's one of the many fantasies I've had about you!"

SHIT! He's serious! I would be standing totally naked in front of him...

But he'd be naked too...

...And he'd be even more glorious - all wet and glossy with water running over him...

She took a deep breath and gingerly placed a trembling hand into his.


"Show me how to pleasure you."

They had been in the shower almost ten minutes and so far, had not been able to keep their hands off each other. Jake had devoured her and was now thick and hard against her hip as he ran his soapy hands over her.

"You know how to pleasure me. I showed you last night."

"No... You showed me how to touch you last night. I want to know how you...You know.." She felt herself blush.

"You really DO like to surprise me don't you?" He said in a salacious tone that made her knees tremble.

Do not freak out Alexa! You can do this!

"'ve given me so many surprises in the last twenty four hours, it's only fair I start to give you some in return." She smiled shyly up at him through the cascading water.

"You don't have to sweetheart. This weekend is all about YOU." He said tenderly, stroking her cheek.

"But I want to," she breathed and reaching for him she ran her fingertips gently from the root to the head. Jake shut his eyes and shuddered.

"Show me..." she persisted. "I want to know how you like to be touched...How hard...How fast..."

Hurry up Jake, before I totally bottle out!

"Okaayyy," he breathed, moving them slightly out of the shower's spray. "Circle your hand around me. Open your fingers...put your thumb...there...Now pull down slowly...That's it...good...And up...squeeze...Again..." he panted.

Okayyyy...That's simple enough...If I could just stop feeling so embarrassed about being naked and touching him intimately...Am I EVER going to stop blushing..?

"That's it sweetheart...go a bit faster...Mmmmm..."

Jake's hands cupped her breasts and his fingers kneaded the soft pillowy flesh, before his thumbs and index fingers tweaked and pulled at her nipples.

How does he find it so easy to pleasure me, with seemingly no embarrassment whatsoevahhhhhh...Seriously, my blood starts to throb in my head every time he does that...


Jake had his head thrown back, gasping in gulps of moist air as he moaned.

Oh God...Having this much power over him, watching what I can do to him and how much he enjoys it...It's SOOOO HOT!

"ALEXAAAA!" He suddenly shrieked and his whole body convulsed, spraying her chest, once, twice and on the third time, he let go of her breasts and pulled her hard against him, his lips finding hers in a scorching kiss that made her knees almost buckle.

WOW...So that's how I get Jake Martin to literally come apart at the seams...

...And I still have hold of him...



"So, you ready for me to show you the wonders of this great city?" Alexa smiled.

They had just come up from having breakfast at the hotel restaurant and were getting ready to head out.

"Definitely. Just tell me where the nearest Marks and Spencer is, so I can buy you more of those negligee's!"

"Oh forget Marks and Spencer. We're in Liverpool. We're going to the Precinct!"

Jake rolled his eyes. "You aren't serious?"

Alexa put her hands on her hips.

"I thought this weekend was 'all about me'?" She said, emphasising the statement with finger quotes around the words.

"I really must learn to curb this damn tongue of mine," Jake muttered zipping up his black leather jacket.

Alexa walked up to him, put her arms around his waist and pulled him against her.

"But you know how much I like 'that damn tongue' of yours!" She said with a grin. "There are some fabulous underwear shops in the Precinct. I promise you won't be disappointed."

Jake looked down at her, still pouting.

"I'll let you pick whatever you want..." She said sweetly.

Jake's face broke into a smile. "Weeeell...When you put it that way..."


Jake couldn't hide his smile when Alexa slipped her hand into his, as they walked around the Precinct. He had to admit she was right. St John's Precinct was full of decent underwear shops and he had taken great joy in picking out two negligee's one in chiffon and one in satin and two sets of matching underwear for her. He couldn't wait to see her in them... And to help her out of them...

"Now there's something I wasn't expecting to see in a Precinct. A decent bookshop! Mind if we go in?" Jake asked.

"Well you go in - there's an accessory shop round the corner I want to go to. I'll meet you in there."

Jake nodded, kissed her temple and let go of her hand.

Alexa felt like she was walking on air as she entered the accessory shop. It was one of her favourite shops in the Precinct as it had a wide selection of jewellery, scarves, bags, purses and to her delight, a new selection of men's items.

Oh think the negligee's are going to turn me on...just wait till you see what I bought for you...

Trying to control her blush, she paid for her purchases and hurriedly went to find Jake. She found him with his nose in a book about children's development.

"Aww, I thought I'd find you looking at the Karma Sutra..." She whispered huskily from behind him.

"I already own a copy," he said turning around and grinning wickedly at her shocked expression.

He kissed her forehead. "I doubt we need to consult any sex manuals, sweetheart. We seem to be doing pretty well so far!"

Alexa blushed crimson, thanking God there was no one around them.

"Did you find anything nice?" Jake asked nodding at her plastic bag.

"I might have..." She said with a wink.


"I can't believe I'm sat in a Precinct in Liverpool city centre, eating a McDonalds and enjoying the whole experience!" Jake said incredulously. "Alexa Welch, what the hell have you done to me?"

Alexa laughed. "Welcome to the dark side babe - full of Poundshops, Precincts and Supermarkets! Next stop -  Primark!"

"Please don't tell me there's a Primark here too?" Jake groaned.

"Yes! Eat up, we're going there next!"

Jake shook his head in disbelief. "You are the only person on this entire planet I would go into Primark with." He smiled fondly at her. "Can I ask you something?"

"Is a maths question?"

Jake frowned at her in confusion. "No..?"

Alexa beamed. "Good, because I'm crap at maths. Fire away."

Jake took a long slug of cola. "Why do you like One Direction so much? Take That I can just about understand, but One Direction? Aren't they a little too...teeny bopperish for you?"


"Teeny bopperish. They don't even play instruments or anything."

Alexa reached over, grabbed his hand and squeezed it. "It's actually all your fault."

Jake gasped as his eyes widened. "MY FAULT?" He asked in ill-disguised horror.

Alexa nodded. "The first moment I saw Liam he reminded me so much of you. Same kind of features and he had this...quiet authority about him like you do."

"Liam's that gay one isn't he?"

Alexa choked on her cola. "GAY ONE? NO! None of them are gay!"

Jake screwed his face up. "Seriously? Who's the one with all the hair and teeth and looks like a girl then?"

Alexa screwed her face in confusion for a moment. "OH MY GOD! Do you mean Harry?"

"I don't know what his bloody name is! As long as he's not the one who reminded you of me!"

Alexa giggled. "Harry's my second favourite. He's incredibly cute, but not really my type." She fished out her iPhone and scrawled through her pictures app, before passing her phone to Jake. "THAT'S Liam."

Jake studied the photo for a few moments. "Okay...maybe you do have a point. He does have a similar bone structure and complexion to me I guess. If he made you think of me then I'm eternally grateful to him - and to Simon Cowell of course!" He passed the phone back across to her and then reached into the inside pocket of his jacket. He brought out a white envelope and slid it across the table to her.

Alexa frowned at him. "What's that?"

"Our plans for this evening. Open it."

With slightly trembling fingers, Alexa opened the envelope and shook out the contents. She stared at them as she felt the air leave her lungs.


Alexa stared at the two slips of paper in disbelief, her eyes swimming with tears.

"Sweetheart...? Say something." Jake said softly.

What can I say Jake? You've rendered me speechless and I'm going to cry in front of you... AGAIN!

"Umm..." Alexa began trying to swallow her tears and speak past the knot in her throat. She still hadn't looked up from the contents of the envelope.

"Alexa...what is it? You're beginning to worry me now. I thought you'd be pleased..."

Alexa finally looked up at him as two tears slid down her cheeks.

"NO!" He hissed and closed his eyes. "Oh sweetheart, not again! Must you cry at everything?"

"W-well...stop being so damned wonderful, then," Alexa breathed, dashing away her tears with her fingertips.

Jake smiled and grabbed her hands, bringing them to his lips and kissing them lovingly.

Lying on the table were two VIP tickets to see One Direction in concert at Liverpool's Echo Arena that evening.

"I can always flog them if you'd rather spend the evening in Primark..."

"NO!" Alexa shrieked making most of the people around them stop and stare.

Jake smirked. "That's more like it! So you deffo want to go and watch them after I went to so much trouble to get us tickets?"

"Of course I do!" Alexa breathed in delight her eyes shining. She'd always wanted to see them in concert but didn't want to go alone and hadn't even realised they were in Liverpool tonight she'd been so pre-occupied with losing her virginity. "How did you organise the tickets?"

Jake smiled lovingly at her. "When you first told me you were ready to try, I had to jiggle things around to make sure I had the time off I wanted so I could do it all properly. When I narrowed it down to Liverpool, London and Paris, I looked up what was going on over the next month in those cities and when I found One Direction we're going to be in Liverpool this weekend, it was a definite sign!"

"But how did you get VIP tickets? These things sell out at the speed of light!"

"One of the registrars knows someone who can get tickets to big events."

Alexa thought she was going to seriously burst all over the food court tables. "This...this is amazing Jake. I can't thank you enough. I honestly don't know what I've done to deserve all this..."

Jake put a finger over her lips. "Enough. You deserve this and so much more. Making you happy is my mission in life."

"Oh Jake. That goes for me too." She stood up, walked round the table and planted a kiss on his lush lips. "I love you so much Jake Martin. She whispered. "Whether you love ME as much after tonight though, remains to be seen!"




Alexa leaned back into Jake happily as she swayed to 'Little Things'. "Is this your favourite?" She yelled into his ear. They were stood against the railings in front of the stage as One Direction sang and danced in front of them. Jake had cocooned himself around her, forming a protective barrier away from all the screaming girls that were hemmed in around them. On the journey to the arena he had informed Alexa that he had downloaded some 1D songs to try and understand Alexa's fondness of the band and he actually had been quite pleasantly surprised and even had a favourite song. Alexa had been trying to find out what it was ever since.

"No." He shouted. "The words are nice enough but it's not the one that I liked best."

"Why won't you just tell me?" She shouted back in frustration.

Jake grinned. "You'll see."

Fuck sake! He was so good at not giving anything away!

They remained pressed up against each other for the duration of the concert; their bodies rubbing and swaying to the backdrop of the music. Alexa had lost track of the songs that had been sung thanks to being pressed up against Jake for so long and his constant neck nuzzling, soft wet kisses behind her ear and earlobe nibbling was very distracting! Jake hadn't mentioned his favourite song again and she'd given up trying to guess. Part of her thought he'd only said it to be supportive. The familiar opening sequence of 'You Don't Know You're Beautiful' started up and Liam stood practically opposite them on the stage as he began to sing his opening lines. Alexa beamed and waved at him and was delighted when he seemed to wave back. Liam's vocals seemed to be surrounding her and it was then she realised that Jake was also singing the song word for word down her right ear.


She turned to look at him and he winked at her as he continued to sing. Then he grasped her chin as the chorus kicked in and lowered his head to hers.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else,

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,

The way you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,

You don't know oh oh,

You don't know you're beautiful..."

HOLY FUCK! THIS was his favourite song?

Alexa gaped at him as he continued to mouth the words to her.

"If you only saw what I can see,

You'd understand why I want you so desperately,

Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, you don't know oh oh,

You don't know you're beautiful oh oh,

That's what makes you beautiful."

Alexa felt her eyes mist over. She couldn't believe her eyes and ears. "This is your favourite One Direction song?" She shouted incredulous.

Jake shook his head and brought his mouth to her ear. "This is my favourite song full stop. It's so perfect for you. I couldn't believe it when I heard the words. You've never known how beautiful you truly are."

Alexa spun in his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him like her life depended on it. The rest of the song and concert were lost to them as he lifted her up onto the railings and they continued to kiss long and hard. They wrapped themselves around each other and let their emotions take over, against the backdrop of fireworks and screaming fans.


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