TRAINING THE COUGAR *warning explicit content*

**Love Story with explicit content **
Shy thirty-something, Fifty Shades obsessive and One Direction fan Alexa, was hiding a traumatic secret from her past. As a result, she'd put up personal barriers and kept friends, colleagues and men at arm's length. Then one summer, Jake Martin appeared all too briefly in her life. He was handsome, clever, kind...and only eighteen! Nothing happened during that Summer, but now five years on, fate had ensured their paths crossed again. Could this traumatised Cougar put the past behind her and could Jake be the one who finally teaches her how to love?



*Can't I have a clue? xx*

*No - just pack a bag with enough clothes for the weekend. Something smart/casual, something warm for wandering about and a nice outfit to travel in xx*

After many long discussions and over three months of dating, Alexa had finally built up the confidence to take the final step. Jake was taking her somewhere for the weekend to make love to her for the first time. She was nervous, excited, nauseous, scared, elated... and overwhelmingly frustrated! Her darling boyfriend refused to tell her where they were going, as it was a 'special surprise'.

Something smart/casual, something warm to wander about and wear a nice outfit to travel in? Where the hell are we going? That makes no sense whatsoever!

The only things she had packed so far was some brand new Marks and Spencer underwear that Jake had surprised her with and what she had christened her 'Ta-Dah' outfit - what she planned to wear to bed for her first time. She folded up a pair of jeans, a couple of t-shirts and a sweatshirt, then slung a pair of trainers in a plastic bag and threw them in too. She prepared a toiletry bag, then it was back to the wardrobe to find 'a nice outfit to travel in' - whatever that was supposed to mean. She grabbed her iPhone.

*How longs the journey going to be? xx*

*If I tell you that you might guess where I'm taking you xx*

*Damn it Jake! I don't know what to wear! I'm starting to freak out! :( *

Within seconds her mobile rang.

"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry. Please don't stress, just wear a nice dress or something. Anything smart."

"But I don't want to turn up all creased! I don't need to know an exact time. Just a rough idea so I can make a final decision."

"Alexa, I know this is frustrating, but I really will spoil it if I tell you. It won't be longer than a few hours, and you will be sat down the whole way, so wear something that's not too restricting. Is that any help?"

Alexa sighed. "Yeah, thanks babe. I don't want to spoil it after you've put so much effort into planning it. Now the time has come, I'm getting really nervous."

"Do you still want to go?" Jake asked in a low voice.

"Of course I do! More than anything."Alexa exclaimed hurriedly.

Jake let out a breath. "Good. Be ready in an hour, I'll come and pick you up. Don't stress okay, sweetheart? Whatever you wear will be perfect. You always look amazing. I love you with all my heart, Alexa."

"Oh Jake, I love you too. See you in an hour."

Yep, he's made me cry again...


"Miss Welch, you look gorgeous! If I can take your suitcase, I will throw it into the boot of the car," Jake said in an exaggerated posh voice, beaming at her.

Alexa smiled happily. "And you look very hot and handsome in your suit babe." She tilted her head to the side. "You sure I look okay?"

She had finally decided on a floaty, red chiffon dress with a tiny white star pattern on the fabric. It wouldn't crease and would be very forgiving, regardless how long the journey.

Jake let go of the suitcase, pulled her against him and kissed her hard. "Gor..gee..ous," he breathed against her lips. Alexa gripped the front of his suit to stop herself from stumbling.

Wow! That was intense even by Jake's high standards.

He pulled away gently and looked at her. His eyes were black glittering diamonds.

"I love you, Alexa. We are going to have so much fun this weekend. I promise."

Alexa nodded, trying to gain control over her shaking legs. "I love you too Jake. So, so much.Thank you for doing all this."

"Anything for you sweetheart. I have to say, I'm quite excited. I've never gone away for a romantic weekend before!"

Alexa put on her coat, grabbed her handbag and locked the door behind her. Making her way to the Mercedes, Jake opened the passenger door and Alexa got in, then he put Alexa's suitcase in the boot. He slid in next to her and turned the engine on.

"You ready for your first surprise?" He asked, his voice low and husky.

Alexa's eyebrows shot up as she looked at him.

"First surprise?"

"Yeah..I've got a few things planned," he said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Oh Christ...what have I let myself in for...

Jake fished in his pocket and handed her a plastic wallet with something dark inside.

"Open it." He whispered.

With trembling fingers, Alexa opened the packet and shook it. Onto her lap fell a black, elasticated eye mask.

Alexa gasped.


"You said in Fifty Shades Of Grey, Christian blindfolded Anastasia a lot to heighten the experience." Jake began in a soft tone. "As I want our destination to be a total surprise, I thought you could channel your inner Anastasia and wear that till we get there. What do you think?"

What did she think???? Could she BE any more turned on right now?

"Oh Jake..." she mumbled.

Keeping her eyes on his she slipped the mask on until she could see him no more.

For a couple of moments there was complete silence apart from the purring engine.


"Christ, you look sexy like that." Jake began in a hoarse whisper. He cleared his throat. "Looks like that Grey guy knows a thing or two!" He touched her cheek gently with his fingertips. Alexa jumped and shivered at the unseen touch. He cleared his throat again.

"Right, lets get on our way before you lose your virginity on the passenger seat!"

Alexa's whole core clenched at the thought.


The only problem with the eye mask was Alexa had no sense of timing or direction. She hadn't got a clue how fast or how far they were travelling and Jake was an expert at not giving anything away. She was trying to keep track of the amount of songs that had played off Jakes iPod to give her some idea of the time. She was getting more and more turned on as every moment passed.

"You okay, sweetheart?" Jake's voice invaded her imposed darkness.

"Yes, fine." Then she smiled to herself. "WET."

Two can play this game...

She heard Jake inhale sharply and she grinned wickedly. Suddenly she felt his fingertips at the hem of her dress. He pulled it up, exposing her knees, making her tremble again.

"You wearing tights?" His husky, disembodied voice asked.

"Thigh-Highs.” Alexa answered in a strangled voice.

Jake let out a groan as he stroked her knee, then abruptly moved his hand away, leaving her bereft.

"Jake...? You okay?"

"I can't drive if I have a hard-on, Alexa," he replied tightly.


"How much further?"

"Not much, thank God! Enough time to hopefully compose myself. I wasn't anticipating being quite so horribly turned on for the whole of this journey!"

Alexa smiled at him and she heard him chuckle.


"You're smiling at the rear view mirror!"



The car came to a smooth stop and Alexa heard Jake turn the engine off.

"We're here. You can take your mask off, sweetheart."

Alexa moved the mask up off her face and blinked at the fluorescent lights and concrete walls.

"You've brought me to a warehouse?"

Jake burst out laughing.

"Oh God Alexa! Only you! It's the hotel car-park." He smiled.

Brilliant! Another classic, Alexa!

Jake opened the doors and went to fetch their bags from the boot. He threw his gym bag over his shoulder and wheeling her suitcase, they headed towards the lifts. Alexa still didn't know where they were. She had totally lost track of time.

The lift ascended smoothly upwards and then slid gracefully open into a smart, carpeted corridor. Jake led the way to their door and slid the card into the slot to open it.

"After you, Wench," he said with a grin.

"Thank you, Sire," Alexa said with a smile.

The room was beautifully kitted out in creams and brown with red accents. The curtains were drawn closed and Alexa was surprised to see it was still quite light outside. They couldn't have been driving more than a couple of hours or so. Jake wheeled her suitcase to beside the bed, then walked over to her, grabbed her hands and kissed her across the knuckles.

"Ready for surprise number two?" He said huskily.

Alexa nodded, eyes shining, her love for him spilling out.

Still holding her hands and walking backwards, he led her to the window.

"Think you can keep your eyes closed without the mask?"


"Keep them closed till I tell you, okay?"

Alexa nodded and closed her eyes. She heard Jake open the curtains, then felt something light drape over her.

What the...

"Open your eyes, sweetheart." Jake said softly from behind her.

Alexa slowly opened her eyes and was momentarily blinded by the sunlight. She realised that after Jake had opened the curtains, he had draped the net curtain over her, so she had an unrestricted view.


The sunlight hit the ripples of the river, making it sparkle. Columns of red glowed from brown buildings at the quay. The sun had began to set to the right hand side, behind the huge, imposing white stone buildings, topped with the three famous, iron birds.

Jake had brought her to Liverpool. Her most favourite city in the world.

Her father had often driven them up during school holidays and although they would always go and hear mass at the Cathedral, the main love for the city came from The Beatles being her parents favourite band. She had grown to love the city every time she'd visited and she'd felt in Liverpool she'd found her spiritual home and a place where she felt close to her parents.

She let out a loud squeal, spun around and flung herself at him, the net curtain tangling around them.

Jake chuckled. "Watch it! I'll have to pay for any damages!" He pulled at the net and tossed it away from them, so it hung back in place and then pulled away so he could cup her face.

"I could have taken you to London, Paris, Venice...but when I thought about it, I remember you saying there was one place that was truly special to you. So it had to be Liverpool."

"I can't believe you remembered!" She breathed happily. "I told you that during a random lunch hour!"

Jake stroked her cheek. "There's not much I don't remember from that summer. Especially your gorgeous boobs in that vest top!"

Alexa jabbed him in the ribs, still beaming from ear to ear. "No wonder you didn't want me to know how long it would take! I would have worked it out."

"Exactly. And I really wanted it to be a surprise for you. I hoped you would think I was taking you somewhere really romantic, not just up a few motorways! Are you really happy that I picked Liverpool? I've never been and I don't know that much about it apart from what I've read. You really wouldn't have preferred Paris or somewhere else?"

"Oh Jake, I would have been happy anywhere, as long as I was with you! But to bring me to Liverpool which will always hold a special place in my heart, means so much more to me. I can't wait to show you around. It's perfect. And the view is stunning."

"Yeah, I had to do some research as to which hotel had the best views of Liverpool, and as urban as it all is, even I have to say, the view from this hotel is pretty impressive. And I must give a shout-out to the man upstairs for providing the sunset. That was just a bonus!" He beamed.

"You've gone to so much trouble Jake. The idea of the eye-mask was brilliant! I'd definitely wear that again after the way it made me feel! Why are we so dressed up though?"

"Because I have dinner booked at the hotel restaurant first. My plan was that we just freshen up now and go straight down. I knew if we spent too much time in here and then had to get changed, we probably wouldn't make it out of the room! I'm glad you liked the eye mask...Didn't realise I'd like it quite so much, though - and I certainly look forward to you wearing it again!" His voice was starting to get raspy.

Alexa pulled his hands from her face and kissed his fingers.

"I really want to kiss you long and hard Jake, but I know if I do that now, I will lose control completely and rip that suit right off you! I'll get my toiletry bag, go to the loo and freshen up, then we can go down to dinner."

Jake closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, they were shining and full of love. "Okay sweetheart. That sounds like a good idea. It'll give ME chance to calm down a bit too!"


"Can we have two Irish coffees please?"

"Certainly sir."

The waiter smiled at them and walked off to the kitchen. They had had a lovely three course meal and had just finished dessert.

Alexa smiled. "Feeling nostalgic?"

"Oh definitely. That was the best afternoon of my life - the first time I finally kissed you and held you in my arms." He said with a warm smile.

Alexa blushed. Jake took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Still feeling nervous, sweetheart?"

Alexa nodded. "A bit. I feel better now we're here, but I still have butterflies."

"You'll be fine sweetheart. I'll take good care of you, I promise. Plus the whiskey in the coffee will help take the edge off. Whatever happens tonight, will only bring us closer."

"Oh God Jake, I hope so. That's all I want from tonight."



"I'll just nip to the toilet."

"Okay, sweetheart."

They'd finished their coffees and with one look at each other, they knew they couldn't contain themselves any longer. As soon as the lift doors had closed, they had pounced - lips, tongues and arms entangling together until they had breathlessly exited the lift at their floor. Thank goodness no one else had got in the carriage! Alexa hurried to the bathroom so she could give Jake her own surprise. She took off her dress and unclipped her hair, shaking it, so that the waves fell loosely around her face. She looked in the mirror at the Ta-Dah outfit she had decided at the last minute to put on under the dress instead of packing it. She tightened the straps of the black lace and chiffon negligee so her breasts pushed upwards, adjusted the waistband of the matching lace french knickers and finally pulled the hold-ups so there was just the right amount of bare flesh showing at her thigh. Her make-up was still intact, but her lips just needed a slick of vaseline to shine them up a bit. She took a step back and gazed at the harlot that stared back at her. If her parents and Sister Margaret-Joan could see her now! She shook her head at the thought. There was no way she was feeling guilty about this. She had waited long enough for the man of her dreams. Okay - this wasn't her wedding night, but she was going to give herself to a man who truly loved her and who she loved just as much. With trembling fingers she gingerly opened the door. The room was bathed in soft light from the lamps next to the headboard. Jake was  stood with his back to her, looking out of the window at Liverpool's twinkling night lights. He was barefoot, his shirt was undone and hung loosely at his sides and his hands were in the pockets of his suit trousers. As he heard the door open, he turned.

The smile slid from his face as his jaw fell open. He stared at her from head to foot whilst she stood immobile in the toilet doorway.

Oh God Jake...say something...

"Wow..." he breathed. "Holy fuck look...absolutely incredible. Literally breathtaking." He almost whispered.

Alexa breathed a sigh of relief.

Yay! Go me! Now to try and walk towards him...

"Do you like YOUR surprise?" She smiled.

Jake was in front of her within a couple of strides, saving her from the need to go any further towards him.

He cupped her face, then ran his hands gently down her throat, over her breasts, down her stomach and cupped her behind, pushing her against him. Alexa moved her hands up his bare chest, enjoying the feeling of his pectorals twitching under her fingers and pushed his shirt off his shoulders. Jake let go of her bottom and shook his arms, letting the shirt fall to the floor. He clasped her hard to him and crushed his lips down onto hers, his tongue invading her mouth and she felt his desire ignite against the flimsy material of her negligee.

Oh Jake, make me yours at last...

He gently pulled away. They were both breathless and panting hard.

"G-get...under the...covers, sweetheart."

Alexa nodded, kicked off her shoes and shakily made her way to the bed and slid under the duvet.

Jake pulled his trousers down and stepped out of them. Bending to grab his shirt, he then placed both items onto the chair by the window, where his jacket already hung. He slowly walked to the bed and pulled back the duvet on his side. He slid in until he was on his side next to her, propped up on one elbow. He traced his thumb over her lips, down her chin, over her throat, down her sternum and finally across her nipples. Her skin heated under his touch and her nipples swelled.

He looked intently at her. "We're going to take this slowly, Alexa. I want you to relax. I'm not going to jump on you and start ripping your clothes off or anything. We'll just take it step by step."

"Baby steps," Alexa whispered with a smile.

"Yes, baby steps. And if at any time you're not happy, don't like something or God forbid you feel any pain, you just tell me to stop. Okay, sweetheart?"

"Okay. I love you so much Jake." She felt her throat constrict with emotion.

Jake kissed her softly on the lips. "I.." He kissed her chin. "Love..." He kissed her throat. "You..." He kissed the dip between her collarbones, then kissed between her breasts. "Too." He let out a blissful sigh. "Hello girls...You two look very lovely this evening."

Alexa suppressed a giggle.

Jake kissed one breast through the lace then moved over to the other one and did the same. Alexa moaned softly and wound her fingers in his hair, massaging his scalp.

"I'm going to buy you more of these," he whispered against her skin, gently tugging at the negligee. "I want you to wear something like this to bed every night. Pleeeeeease..."


Everything above her waist tightened, whilst everything below her waist moistened.

"Christ...Jake...every time...Ahhhhhh..."

"Oh God Alexa, I'm sorry, but I love the way that affects you. You have no idea what a turn on that is."

WOW...Seriously had no idea...oh God these lace french knickers aren't very absorbent...

Alexa squirmed, blood beginning to pulse through her veins. Jake pulled himself up again.

"Open your legs sweetheart. I'm going to make you come."

"Oh yes, please Jake...I want to come so badly..." she pleaded.

He pushed the duvet down and moved to between her legs. He slowly slid his hands up her thighs until his thumbs made contact with the lace of her knickers at the apex of her thighs.

Alexa shuddered at his touch and he inhaled sharply.

"Oh God,'re so gloriously wet. I can't wait to dive in and feel what it's like to be skin on skin with you for the first time." He looked down at her adoringly. "I'm going to take your knickers off...Okay?" He breathed raspily.

Alexa swallowed. "Yes."

There was no going back now.

Jake grasped the waistband of her knickers and pulled them gently downwards. Alexa shifted slightly to help ease their removal, marvelling at how unembarrassed she was to do this. Her need for him far outweighed anything else. Jake slid them down to her ankles, swept her knickers clear of her feet and threw them on the floor. Slipping back up again, he slid his hands up her thighs till they rested right at the top, his fingers just touching her buzz-cut pubic hair.

"I'm going to make you come just using my fingers, Alexa. There's nothing to be afraid of. Okay, sweetheart?"

Alexa nodded frantically. "Y-yes. Okay. Fingers. Okay." She was panting heavily now.

Jake smiled. Despite all the dry humping, he had never touched her intimately. There was always the barrier of their underwear and the condoms, even though he could still feel how wet she got through the material of her knickers. Her short pubic hair was dark and soft to the touch, her slickness already evident.

"God you're beautiful..." he murmured as his index and middle fingers of his began to circle her nub.


Oh God...I've lost the power of speech...that feels...Ahhhhh...

Jake continued to circle her, using his thumb and then very gently probed the tip of his index finger inside her.


Okay... that felt a little strange...but in a good way...

His finger probed deeper and started to circle, stretching her gently as he continued to rub her with his thumb. Slowly he tilted his hand, adding his middle finger inside her and curling them upwards so that he could stroke the front of her from within.

Oh God everything was starting to really tingle...


Oh God what is he doing to me...and am I just going to grunt the whole time? Oh Wow...that feels...that feels...


OH....... MY........FUCKING.......... GODDDDDDDDDDDDD...


When Alexa opened her eyes again Jake was kneeling between her legs gazing down adoringly at her.

"Hi sweetheart." He said softly. "How was that?"

Alexa beamed. "Incredible. What did you just do, Jake? Seriously. That was so much more intense than when we dry hump! I thought my head was going to explode!"

Jake beamed. "Until you screamed my name, I was a bit worried. You were just mumbling."

"That's because I couldn't speak! I thought I was just going to gurn for the rest of my life!"

Jake laughed. "God forbid! You have some seriously strong pelvic floor muscles, by the way. I could feel every single pulse of your orgasm."

Alexa frowned. "Is that bad?"

"Oh no, sweetheart, not at all. It felt amazing. But now I want to feel it around me. I've made you as wet and as wide as I can...are you ready to try?" He asked gently.

Oh God, at this moment in time, I'll try anything...

"Yes my love, I am...but I want to be naked."

Jake smiled. "Oh Christ, Alexa. I want you naked too."

He gently slid the hem of her negligee upwards. Alexa held onto his shoulders, pulled herself up and between them they managed to pull it clean off.

"Oh my gorgeous, gorgeous girls!" Jake moaned cupping her breasts in both hands as they sprang naked and free for the first time and flicked his tongue over both her nipples.

Woah...I felt that right down there!

"Oh God Alexa, you have the most beautiful breasts," he sighed. "I've waited so long to do this..." He took a hardened nipple in his mouth and sucked gently.

Alexa felt her whole body convulse and flood with new arousal. Jake let go of one nipple and immediately devoured the other.


My head is seriously going to explode...!

"Oh Christ, I just want to kiss and suck these all night long...and I will do one day. But now I think it's definitely time to get myself naked too..."

He pulled up off her chest and kneeled up so they were face to face. Not taking his scorching dark eyes off hers, he slowly rolled down his Calvin Kliens until he sprang free, then pushed them down to his knees.

"Touch me sweetheart. Please..."

Alexa dragged her green eyes off his face and slowly brought them down to his groin. Her eyes widened.

HOLY CRAP! He's so thick and...long...

"Don't be scared sweetheart. It's designed to fit inside you." He whispered reassuringly.

Jesus Christ, I bloody hope so...

"Give me your hand."

Alexa lifted a trembling hand and Jake grasped it. Just like he had done before, he encircled himself using her hand, covered by his and moved it up and down.

Wow, it's hard...yet flexible...and smooth...yet ridged. SO not what I was expecting. 

"Yes, sweetheart...that's it," he panted. "Keep doing that...I'm going to let go of you..."

Jake moved his hand away and brought both his hands up to her breasts again, gently tugging and teasing her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.

"Mmmm...yes sweetheart...touch me...FEEL me...all of me...Please...mmmmm..."

Alexa swept her eyes up to his face. His head was tilted backwards, his mouth open, his eyes shut tight, and he was making soft groaning sounds.

Oh Christ...watching him like such a HUGE turn on...

Suddenly he brought his head forwards, looked down at her and smiled, his eyes bright, his cheeks flushed.

"O-Okay, sweetheart, I have to ask you to stop before I explode!" He panted. "We'll continue your lesson on hand skills another time!"

Alexa smiled back. "I enjoyed watching you," she whispered blushing.

Jake's smiled changed and his demeanour altered slightly, becoming darker, more carnal.

"Lie back, sweetheart." He said hoarsely. "Get bend your knees to where they're in a good position for you, just like when we dry hump."

Alexa did as she was told, trying not to tremble. Her treacherous knees gave her away.

Jake stroked her thighs. "It's alright sweetheart. Just relax okay? The more you relax, the better it will be."

He slid his hands down her inner thighs until his thumbs skimmed her labia. He looked down at her in all her glorious nakedness.

"Oh God are my ultimate're so beautiful. I love you so, so much, sweetheart." He rasped.

"I love you too, Jake. You're my world," she breathed, her heart welling up with love for him.

Jake lowered himself gently on top of her and began to kiss her. Softly at first, then harder, deeper and passionately. Over and over their tongues leapt and danced together and slowly he moved his right hand away from her jaw, and trailed it over her chest, her breasts, her side and down to where his erection lay pressing into her hips. He grasped it and dragged it gently down her pubic hair and rubbed it against her wetness. Alexa moaned softly. Adjusting himself to one final position, he very gently pushed inside her a little way. He pulled his lips off hers and looked down at her.

Alexa opened her eyes and gazed up at him.

"You okay?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"You are doing really well, sweetheart. Just relax."

Alexa nodded.

Well this isn't too feels a bit weird having something inside me...but not that different to having his fingers there...OH! That was a bit...deeper...OH!...

"'re clenching down on you want me to stop?" Jake asked through gritted teeth.

"J-just for a moment...whilst I get used to that okay?"

Jake stilled. "It's fine. Take some deep breaths."

Alexa inhaled, willing her body to relax and expand.

Come on Alexa! You can do this! Man up!

Continuing to breathe deeply. Alexa moved her hands down his muscular back and down onto his beloved peachy bum. Giving both cheeks a squeeze, she suddenly pushed down hard on them, tilting her hips upwards and driving Jake hard into her.




"Wh-what did you do that for? I could have hurt you! Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"I-I thought it was time for me to man up." Alexa said in a small voice.

Jake couldn't hide his smile. "Man up? Oh sweetheart, you never cease to amaze me! Seriously - are you okay though? You made me ram into you!"

Am I okay?

Alexa took a deep breath. "I...think so. It a good way. I feel really full."

"That's because I'm buried up to my balls inside you - you wonderful, mad, horny woman!" He grinned. "I don't think I've ever gone this deep before. It feels...WOW!"

Alexa smiled and wrapped her ankles around his thighs like she usually did when they dry humped and now finally in a familiar position, she felt herself relax. She looked deep into Jake's glistening dark eyes.

"Make love to me, Jake."

"Oh, Alexa..." He captured her lips in a long sensual kiss and gently eased out part-way, then back again. Alexa continued to respond to his kisses, her hands stroking every taut sinew and muscle in his back. He eased out slowly and back again.

Over and over they kissed and slid slowly against each other. Limbs and tongues entwined in a slow erotic dance. Jake gently released her lips and began to kiss her chin, her throat, then easing back, he kissed and suckled her breasts.

Nnnnnrrrrrrmmmm...Wow, that sensation goes all the way down to my...

"You...still..ahh..Okaayyy?" He panted.

" you...Jaaaaakkke..."


Suddenly everything within her began to tighten again. She locked eyes with his.

"Jake! I...I..."


Alexa felt everything detonate within her and screamed as her release came. Jake thrust once, twice and on the third time, a erupted explosively within her.



















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