TRAINING THE COUGAR *warning explicit content*

**Love Story with explicit content **
Shy thirty-something, Fifty Shades obsessive and One Direction fan Alexa, was hiding a traumatic secret from her past. As a result, she'd put up personal barriers and kept friends, colleagues and men at arm's length. Then one summer, Jake Martin appeared all too briefly in her life. He was handsome, clever, kind...and only eighteen! Nothing happened during that Summer, but now five years on, fate had ensured their paths crossed again. Could this traumatised Cougar put the past behind her and could Jake be the one who finally teaches her how to love?



Mmmm...I'm seriously contemplating installing a bathtub. I love riding Jake in it. And he looks so sexy when he's wearing a blindfold too...Can't move my hands...Oh...I'm tied up with the tie...Mmmm...this is soooo...HUH???? How are my boobs being grabbed from behind when Jake's in front...FUCKKKKKK!!! Liam's in the bath with us! Oh shit! Jakes gonna be so mad! Jaaa...Jaaaa...Oh God I'm gagged with another tie as well as tied up...Jake can't hear me...The door opens and Harry enters, followed by Louis, Zayn and finally Niall who closes and locks the door behind him. Harry starts to strip of his shirt, revealing his myriad of tattoos, his blue eyes staring into mine. The others all begin to follow suit, beads of steam running down their damp skin. Oh God, Jake is going to go crazy! But he can't see what's happening...And how the hell are we all going to fit into the bath..?


Oh Jake...I'm sorry...


Please lads...This is all very hot, but you all seriously need to leave. NOW!

"ALEXA! Sweetheart...WAKE UP!"

Alexa's eyes sprang open and she frantically tried to move.


"Shhh...sweetheart, it's okay. You're safe. It was just a nightmare. Look at me."

Alexa's wild green eyes, finally focused on where the familiar voice was coming from.

"I...I...can't m-move..." She croaked hoarsely.

Jake stroked her back. "Sweetheart, your lying on your hands. You've probably got dead arms. Let me help you."

He put his hands either side of her ribs and gently lifted her up. "Move your hands out from under you."

No wonder I couldn't move my hands in my dream...

"OWWWW! Ahhh...Jake...that...KILLS..."

I feel like I'm being attacked by a million biting ants!

Jake twisted her towards him. "It's just bad pins and needles, sweetheart, where you've stopped the blood from circulating." He began to gently massage her arms. "What was your nightmare about?" He asked gently.

Oh God...I can't tell him that!

" know...falling...being chased...Can't really remember it now." She mumbled, trying not to blush.

"Ahh...I hate those kind of dreams, they can be really vivid." He said knowledgeably.

Oh Jake if only you knew...

Alexa nodded. "I need a drink. I was panicking so much in my dream, I could hardly breathe."

Jake reached across and grabbed the bottle of water from the top of her cabinet.

"Here, let me. You might drop it. Plus you have pins and needles in your hands..." He said with a grin.

"That was another Dyspraxia joke, wasn't it?" She growled, pursing her lips together against the neck of the bottle.


Alexa gulped some welcome cold water as Jake carefully held the bottle and poured it slowly into her mouth.

"Thanks." She said after swallowing. "And no you're not."

"I'm not what?"

"Sorry for taking the piss!"

Jake laughed. "I seem to remember you teasing ME last night..."

Oh yeah, my comment about watching him touch himself in the bath...

Alexa blushed and looked around. "What is it with you and the colour green by the way?" She said trying to change the subject.

"You have something against green?"

Alexa shook her head.

"I dunno. I've always liked the colour as far back as I can remember. I always wanted to play outside as a kid...maybe it was because it was the colour of the grass and the trees. I have no idea." He smiled. "But, it was what attracted me to your eyes. I dunno if you would have had the same impact on me if your eyes would have been brown or something. Mind you, I would have still been attracted to your tits!"

"JAKE!" She barked, jabbing him in the ribs as he laughed."What time is it?" She asked trying to change the subject. AGAIN.

"It's still early...Umm... it's only six thirty. Do you want to go back to sleep?"

"No, I'm wide awake now. What about you?"

"Yeah...I WAS fast asleep, until I was woken by you moaning. I thought I was making love to you in my sleep!"

Alexa laughed. "Sorry babe. But knowing you, that's not beyond the realms of possibility!"

Jake grinned and took a long swig from his own water bottle. "So...what shall we do in the meantime?" He asked suggestively.

"Oooh! I've got something for you!" Alexa said excitedly.

"Mmmm...I like the sound of that...Where are you going?"

Alexa had bounded out of bed and was rooting under it.

"Okay, playing hide and seek was not what I had in mind!"

"Shut up, Jake!" Alexa giggled, unzipping her suitcase and carefully pulling out her presents.

She gathered them up then sat back down on the bed next to Jake.

"Happy Easter," She smiled handing him the gifts.

Jake looked at her stunned. "Oh shouldn't have."

"I wanted to. And I bought them with my money as they really are from my heart."

He leant over and kissed her cheek. "I love you, Alexa." He whispered against her ear, making her shiver.

"I love you too." She replied softly.  "Now open the soft gift."

Jake tore through the wrapping paper like a five year old at Christmas. Into his lap fell a gold and black embroidered Marks and Spencer basque, suspenders and stockings. Jake ran his hands along the lace and lycra and groaned.

"Oh...God...sweetheart. I can't wait to see you in this..."

Alexa smiled. "Good. Hopefully you wont have to wait too long." She said huskily.  "Now open the the hard present."

Jake opened the small square packet.

"Enrique Iglesias CD?" He said in surprise.

"Track ten - Could I Have This Kiss Forever. It's says exactly how I feel about you - plus he says some things in Spanish that sound really sexy! I thought you could translate..?" She finished with a grin.

Jake looked at her, his dark eyes glowing with love. "Aww...Alexa...That's lovely. I've never been much of fan as I find him a bit mushy, but I've been permanently in  a state of mush since I re-connected with you!" He grasped her chin and kissed her. "Thank you for my gifts, sweetheart."

"You're welcome. I also bought you and Joe an Easter Egg each and loads of little Easter treats. I've hidden them all downstairs. Thought you two could have an Easter Egg hunt later!" She smiled.

"Easter Egg hunt? Oh Alexa! I love Easter Egg hunts! You're a genius!" He kissed her hard on the lips. "Papa will be so pleased! He always used to set up an Easter Egg hunt when I was a boy."  He suddenly looked sheepish. "But I didn't get you anything..."

"Oh Jake, I didn't expect anything more! You've brought me to London via First Class, you've introduced me to your wonderful papa, I'm staying in this gorgeous place, we've had amazing sex in the bath...Seriously I just wanted to say thank you and show you how grateful I am."

Jake sighed and cupped her face. "Sweetheart, how many more times. You don't have to keep thanking me. I love spoiling you. You're hardly bankrupting me!" He smiled, putting the gifts on the cabinet next to his bed.

Alexa narrowed her eyes at him. "You calling me cheap?"

"No...not anymore..."

Alexa gave him a backhanded slap across his arm. Jake lunged suddenly, grabbed her and pushed her against the mattress, easily overcoming her feeble attempts to push him off. He held both of her wrists in his hands, either side of her head on the pillow and pinned her hips with his.

"Oh wench...what am I going to do with you?" He said giving her a wicked grin.

Oh...God...I want him so much even though I can't move...I can see why Anastasia got so turned on by this...

"Ummm...let go of my wrists?" Alexa offered, as arousal swept through her.

Jake laughed. "Oh no... Not yet..." He slid back slightly then flexed his hips forwards, his erection throbbing at the top of her thigh.

"Niñito? You two awake already?" Joe's deep voice suddenly came from behind the door.

Alexa jolted in fright.


"Si papa. We'll be down in a bit. Felices Pascuas." Jake said nonchantly, smirking at Alexa.

"Felices Pascuas, Niñito. Happy Easter, cariño."

"Umm...y-yes...Happy Easter Joe. See you in a few minutes." She blushed beetroot, mortified.

They both looked at the door, listening to Joe's footsteps heading downstairs.

"OH MY GOD! I thought he was coming in!" Alexa hissed.

"He really would have had a Happy Easter if he had!" Jake grinned.

"Jake! This isn't funny! And will you please LET GO OF MY WRISTS!" She snarled.

"Well aren't WE feisty this morning?" Jake grinned dangerously. "He won't come in to the bedroom, don't worry."

Alexa wriggled against him. "How do you know for sure?"

"'Because I make sure I lock the door every night!" He laughed, finally letting go of her wrists.

BASTARD! He could have said earlier!




Alexa flopped back on the sofa, wiping the tears from her eyes. She could barely breathe as she watched father and son run round the kitchen and sitting room, opening, cupboards, moving cushions, looking in ornaments and behind furniture. Both so competive and both adamant they would find all their treats first.

"You better not steal any of my eggs, papa!" Jake called from the kitchen, closing a drawer.

"Oh Niñito, don't worry about me stealing them, worry about me dropping them!" Joe answered, with a grin in Alexa's direction.

I can't remember the last time I had a more enjoyable morning. First a bacon sandwich for breakfast, then Easter Sunday Mass with the kids Easter Parade. That was just brilliant. Really impressed with the creativity of Easter bonnets in SW6! Then it was back for a roast chicken lunch with all the trimmings, that went down a treat. Joe even asked me to move in! Good to know the way to a Martin's heart is through his stomach! Jake asked me to move in the first time I cooked for him too! Oh God just look at these two adorable men, battling their wits against each other to find their hidden treats...

"HA! Success! Found my tenth treat! I win!" Jake shrieked in triumph, pulling a cream egg out of a vase. Grinning victoriously, he walked across to the sofa and flopped down next to Alexa, planting a hard, wet kiss on her cheek.

Joe groaned from the kitchen and Alexa giggled. He popped his head round the door. "Well, that means you get to give her your present first then." He said dejectedly.

HUH? What present?

Jake grinned at her shocked face, then jumped off the sofa and flew up the stairs.

"AHA! Found it! In the watering jug!" Joe called from the kitchen, then sauntered into the living room. He grasped Alexa's hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles. "Thank you cariño. That was the most fun I've had in ages!" He smiled fondly at her. "And thank you for all these treats! I look forward to rewarding myself!" He sat down on the arm chair and gazed  warmly at her.

"Aww, you're welcome Joe. It's the least I can do. I've really enjoyed meeting you and have honestly had the most wonderful time here."

"You are welcome anytime cariño. Mi casa es tu casa."

"Gracias, Joe." She smiled.

"You two flirting again?" Jake asked, bounding down the stairs.

Alexa blushed and Joe laughed. "If I was twenty years younger hijo, I'd fight you for her!"

Jake grinned. "She'd still pick me even if you won - which you wouldn't by the way!"

"Hey! I might not know all your Fujitzu, but I can handle myself!"

All three howled with laughter.

Jake sat on the sofa and handed Alexa a flat rectangle packet, wrapped in red gift wrap.

"Happy Easter, sweetheart."

"But you said..."

"I say a lot of things!" He grinned. "Open it!" He said excitedly.

Alexa carefully began to undo the sellotape on each end.

"Christ sweetheart, just tear the bloody thing! "

Okay...Okay...keep your Calvin Klein's on...

Alexa tore through the remainder of the wrapping paper and gaped in shock at what was beneath it.

Jake had bought her an iPad.

"Don't go mad. I know you think it's extravagant, but I also know how much you secretly enjoy using mine and you've said yourself - now you're doing more paperwork for the Playscheme, having an iPad would probably become a necessity eventually..."

"Yeah...but I was planning on saving up for one..." Alexa murmured hoarsely.

"Well now you don't have to wait. Please accept it with my love, sweetheart.You can also download as many books as you like, surf the web and sync your music too. At least I don't have to worry about you ruining your eyes anymore."

Two blobs of water fell onto the iPad box.

Christ...I didn't even realise I was crying...

"Alexa..." Jake began in exasperation, putting his arm around her shoulders and squeezing them as he placed a kiss at her temple.

"Cariño... are you...crying?"

Alexa nodded. She wiped the tears from her eyes, put the iPad to the side and threw her arms around Jake's neck, planting a hard kiss on his jaw.

"I love you so much," she whispered in his ear. Pulling back she looked at him through watery eyes. "Thank you. I love it."

Jake kissed the tip of her nose. "Good. Please stop crying. You haven't had papa's gift yet..."

Oh God...I don't think I can cope with much more...

Joe took the large gift bag from Jake and handed it to her.

"Happy Easter, cariño. Thank you for making this weekend an absolute joy and for all the wonderful meals." He said with a warm smile, that lit up his chocolate brown eyes.

"Th-thank you Joe. You really shouldn't have. The pleasure was all mine, honestly."

With trembling fingers, Alexa undid the gift bag.

Oh my Godddd!

Alexa gave a squeal of delight and lifted out the largest sized Lindt Gold Bunny.

"I've always wanted one of these!" She jumped off the sofa and gave Joe a hug. "Thank you so much Joe...I know how much these cost. I would have been happy with just a Cadbury's one...but...Oh God! Thank you!"

"I'm SERIOUSLY starting to get jealous now," Jake griped from the sofa.

Joe grabbed Alexa around the waist and brought her down abruptly onto his lap. "Good! And I didn't make her cry!"




At half nine that evening, Alexa gave a yawn.

"If you two don't mind, I'm going to call it night. We've got an early start tomorrow for the last bit of sightseeing, so I wan't to make sure I get enough rest!"

Joe nodded. "Sweet dreams,cariño. See you in the morning. Buenas noches." He smiled.

"I'll just see the end of this documentary, then I'll be up, sweetheart."

"Okay. See you in a bit. Buenas noches!"

Once in the room, sleep was the last thing on Alexa's mind. It was all a ploy to give her some time to get ready and prepare Jake's surprise...


" still awake?" Jake asked with a smile, coming into the room half an hour later and locking the door behind him.

Alexa beamed. "Just getting acquainted with this little baby!" She said tapping the iPad. "It's really cool, I'll never read on the iPhone again!"

"Thank God! Glad you like it." He smiled. "You downloaded Fifty Shades yet?"

"Well...I went to set up an account, but apparently I already have one! I take it you're going pay for all my purchases?"

"Yep!" Jake grinned.

"Is there any point in arguing?"

"Nope!" He removed his t-shirt and jogging bottoms and grabbed his pyjama pants.

Alexa sighed and powered off the iPad.

"You really are impossible Jake Martin!"

Jake grabbed his side of the duvet. "Yeah well, you're..." He took in a sharp breath. "Wearing my Easter present..."

"You're not the only one full of surprises!" She said silkily.

Jake turned swiftly, grabbed his iPhone and before she could blink, took a photo of her.


"I won't show it anyone, sweetheart I promise. But Christ...I want to remember this moment!" He looked her up and down, his dark eyes burning. "I am going to absolutely ravish you..." He rasped.




Pulling off the duvet, Jake climbed into bed and slid onto her, his hands running over the basque, his fingers kneading, touching, fondling. His mouth found hers and his lips devoured her, his tongue teasing all the crevices of her mouth. His fingers slid to the cups of the strapless basque and he pushed it down, freeing her breasts, then released the basque, so that it slid vertically under her breasts, pushing them upwards. He gently withdrew his mouth from hers, kissed her chin then suckled down her throat, over her sternum, before kissing across her breast and taking a hardened nipple in his mouth. Alexa's hands sank into his hair as she gripped him to her, his dark silky strands, pushing up between her fingers, as he suckled from each breast. She bit her lip to contain the moans that escaped her as she keened under him. He let go of her breast and slid down, settling between her legs. His fingers slipped downwards to the pinnacle of her thighs.

"Oh sweetheart...I can feel how wet you are..." He breathed in wonder. Tugging at the fastenings, he opened the basque from between her legs and inhaled swiftly.

"No panties, wench?" He said in a low growl, that made all the follicles of her pubic hair stand to attention.

"I...I...didn't see the point...They'd just get in the way..." she panted.

"Put your hands over your mouth." He whispered, urgently.

Huh? Why...?

Suddenly his mouth was on her, his tongue teasing her very core.

"NRRRRRRMMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH!" It was out before she had chance to muffle it.

"HANDS, ALEXA," he growled against her.

OKAY! OKAY! Give me chance! Jeeeesssssuuuusssss!

She clamped both hands over her mouth just as Jake's tongue continued his sweet torment. Over and over, round and around, up and down, his tongue leisurely caressed her intimately.

Oh God...I can't take...anymore...

As if reading her mind, Jake slowed right down. He stroked her thighs, then gently lifted each one over his shoulders and settled down again. He continued his gloriously slow torture and gradually slipped a finger inside her, gently stroking her from inside. Alexa moved her bare feet up and down his broad back, her heels massaging him.

I so want to reach down and touch him, but I know I will scream when I come and wake up the whole of Earls Court...

Right on cue, her toes tingled and her legs stiffened against his back. She screwed her eyes tight and pressed both her hands as tight as she could over her mouth as she convulsed and lifted off the bed.


She finally removed her hands from her mouth and gulped in rapid shallow breaths as she spiralled down from her orgasm. She was faintly aware that Jake had moved and she couldn't feel him anymore. She opened her heavy eyes to find him standing at the foot of the bed gazing down at her and rubbing his chin thoughtfully.


"You know what this outfit really needs to compliment it? A pair of killer heels - something strappy and sky high. Proper pole-dancer's shoes."


Alexa took a steadying breath. "Jake, this is me we're talking about. I trip up in trainers! How am I meant to walk in six inch stilettos'?"

Jake grinned salaciously. "Who said anything about walking? You just wear them to bed and wrap them round my hips...or my ears...or both if I'm lucky..."

Christ...just incase I wasn't aroused enough and...Dear God...




"Are you perving over me again, wench?" Jake whispered hoarsely, now standing totally naked with his hands on his slender hips, erection standing up proudly.

Alexa propped herself shakily on her elbows.

"Perving over you is one of my favourite pastimes!" She beamed.

Jake grinned. "I've noticed! Now, grab a pillow and let me show you one of mine!"

He bent down, grabbed the back of her ankles and pulled her firmly down the bed to him.

What the...

Alexa slid helplessly down the bed, clutching a pillow, until she was parallel to him. He bent her legs so that her feet were resting on the bottom edge of the mattress.

"Hand me the pillow then push your bottom off the bed," he ordered smoothly.

Alexa did so and Jake inserted the pillow under her bottom.

"It's going to be deep this way sweetheart, but I'm so turned on, it'll have to be hard and fast. Is that okay? You can always tell me if it gets too much."


"Good." He smiled lovingly at her. "Just relax sweetheart..."

And with that, he thrust high and deep into her.

"Ahhhhh...Yes...Alexa...Wrap your legs round my hips..."


He leant forward slightly and grasped her hips in both hands. Leaning forward even more, he placed a gentle kiss on her mouth.

"Okay sweetheart? Just hold that position and let me do all the work..."

Alexa nodded. Jake smiled and pulled back, before thrusting forwards again.

Whoa...I can feel that right through me...

She reached down and touched the only part of him within her grasp, his hands at her hips. She covered his hands with hers as Jake began to move. Really, REALLY move. He had never made love to her like this before - black eyes ignited and on fire, face flushed red with arousal, jaw strung tight with pent up emotion, muscles and sinews rippling and starting to bead with sweat...

Oh God...and he thought I was perving on him before...if only my iPhone was within reach...

"Oh...Alexa...I...Ahh...need your hand..."


"P-put it over my may need to do the s-same..."

He leant forward, as his tempo increased, eyes wild, every fibre in his being stretched to bursting point...

Alexa only just got her hands in position in time, as Jake let go with a muffled roar, which was enough to tip her over the edge and she screamed into her hand, until her eyes rolled back in her head.





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