TRAINING THE COUGAR *warning explicit content*

**Love Story with explicit content **
Shy thirty-something, Fifty Shades obsessive and One Direction fan Alexa, was hiding a traumatic secret from her past. As a result, she'd put up personal barriers and kept friends, colleagues and men at arm's length. Then one summer, Jake Martin appeared all too briefly in her life. He was handsome, clever, kind...and only eighteen! Nothing happened during that Summer, but now five years on, fate had ensured their paths crossed again. Could this traumatised Cougar put the past behind her and could Jake be the one who finally teaches her how to love?



"Alexa, I'm sure I told you that Lucy Roberts needs to be added to the school collection tomorrow." Sue's brows furrowed as she frowned at her. "Are you okay? You seem to have been very distracted lately."

Alexa blushed. "Umm...Yes sorry Sue, you did mention it. I forgot to write it down. My head seems to be a bit scrambled at the mo."

"Well can you please un-scramble it as soon as you can and focus on what you are meant to be doing? Honestly, anyone would think you're in love or something!" She let out a loud raucous cackle.


Had she been that obvious? She thought she had done really well in covering up her relationship with Jake. She really didn't want Sue to find out. Victoria had been popping into the club a lot more recently and thought it was fine to just to sit down with a brew and chat to Sue, whilst Alexa ran round like a lunatic doing everything - including chasing down Vicki's bratty toddler! If Sue found out about her relationship with Jake, she'd tell Vicki for sure and she didn't want that Perra to know any of her business. It was only thinking of Jake that got her through the day and when she did think of him she smiled and lost all train of thought. She really did need to get a grip and get her head back in the game before she dropped some major bollock, though. She added Lucy to the list for tomorrow, and tried to put Jake to the back of her mind.

It wasn't easy. They had been seeing each other for six weeks now and it just got better and better between them. They still had only got as far as dry humping - and thankfully Jake hadn't pressurised her to go any further. But they still hadn't come close to even seeing each other naked and she was secretly worrying how long Jake's patience would last with her. He had said they would only take that step when she was ready and so far she truly wasn't. The thought really upset her. She loved him with all her heart, why couldn't she just take that final step?

It's because I'm scared.

She had got to thirty six years of age with her virginity still intact and now she was afraid of what sex would actually be like for her. Plus, she had had a full hysterectomy - what if she now wasn't designed internally like other women? What if Jake got no pleasure out of it and she was awful at sex?

What if it hurts so much I don't want to do it again?




"You free for lunch next Sunday?" Jake whispered into her hair.

"Mmmm...Yes, why? Do you want me to cook you something?"

"No...I want to take you to meet my Mum."

Alexa jumped and yanked her head off his shoulder, where it had been resting whilst they watched TV on the sofa.


"I...I...don't think that's a good idea, Jake," She said fearfully.

Jake frowned at her. "Why not?"

"Because...Because she's bound to hate me! I would - if my young, talented son bought home a woman who is pushing forty! What will she think of me?"

Jake stroked her hair. "She'll love you. Just like I do. She knows all about you Alexa. She's not fazed by the age gap any more than I am. She WANTS to meet you. She's been asking me to take you round for weeks."

"Really?" Alexa breathed, feeling a faint flicker of hope.

Jake smiled and kissed her softly on the lips. "Yes, really! So...Sunday...?"

Alexa took a deep breath and nodded. "Sunday."

"Brilliant! I'll text her and let her know."




Krystal Edwards opened the door to her posh apartment in Tynsley and air kissed her son on each cheek.

"Hi Mum." He said fondly. Grabbing Alexa's hand he thrust her forwards. "This is Alexa."

" hello, M-Ms Edwards." Alexa stammered in surprise.

Great! I sound like a half-wit.

"Alexa! So wonderful to meet you at last! Do come in, Jake has told me so much about you! And please call me Krystal."

She shook Alexa's hand in a surprisingly firm handshake.

"T-Thank you. These are for you." She gave her a bouquet of white trumpet lilies.

"Oh they're beautiful. I love lilies! I see Jake has you well trained!"

"The flowers were Alexa’s idea mum. I said not to bother!"

Krystal narrowed her eyes at him and he smirked. "Hang your coats up, I'll just find a vase for the flowers ALEXA brought!" She smiled and headed off into the kitchen.

"Relax sweetheart," he whispered taking off her coat. "You look like you're shitting yourself!"

"That's because I am!" She hissed in reply.

He put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple. "She's just my Mum. There's nothing to be afraid of"

Somehow, I seriously doubt that.

Krystal Edwards didn't look like your average Mum. Dressed in black velvet leggings and a tight black shirt, she was tall, slim, with jet black hair like Jake's, ruby red lips and ice-blue eyes that shone in her pale, luminous skin. She was an attractive woman in her forties who had obviously been stunning in her youth and could still pass for someone ten years younger. Her apartment was very modern and decorated in creams and golds. Jake lead Alexa into the lounge where a large white leather sofa dominated the space alongside two huge armchairs and a a metal and glass, baroque styled coffee table in the centre. The only colour in the room came from various expensive-looking landscape paintings that adorned the cream walls.

Krystal re-entered the room carrying a large lead-crystal vase, which held the lily bouquet. She placed it on the windowsill where it caught the sunlight, causing rainbow coloured shards to dance along the walls.

"Jake Martin, where are your manners! Get Alexa a drink!" She snapped making Alexa jump.

Jake put a calming hand on her knee. "Glass of red wine?" He asked turning to her.

Alexa looked around at all the cream furnishings and shook her head. "White, please."

Jake grinned. "But your Dyspraxia has been so much better lately!"

"You're Dyspraxic?" Krystal sounded horrified. Alexa went purple.


"NO! Of course she isn't!" Jake hurriedly assured her. "It's just a long-running joke between us. Do you want a glass, Mother?"

"Yes please. There is a bottle of Pinot, chilling in the fridge."

Jake stood and with a wink in Alexa's direction, he headed off into the kitchen.

Shit! Please don't leave me alone with... Actually, who DOES she remind me of?

Krystal stalked around to one of the large armchairs and sat down regally, like she had a rod of iron instead of a spine. No wonder Jake moved with so much grace and skill. It was obviously inherited. Krystal's ice blue eyes looked her over from her feet to her head. Alexa realised she was slouching, but it was hard to sit upright on a sofa in a navy chiffon blouse and black polyester pencil skirt which were both determined to slide off the leather. She tried her best to straighten her shoulders, but only succeeded in slipping slightly further down. Krystal's eyes finally met hers and she smiled, but the smile was fixed to her lips and her eyes remained cool.

"T-This is a beautiful apartment, Krystal." Alexa began nervously.

And you are going to think I have a speech impediment. Get a grip Alexa!

"Thank you, dear. I inherited it after my parents passed. Did Jake tell you my father's family part own Jackson and Edwards?"

Alexa tried to think where she had heard the name before.

"The renowned car agents," Krystal said in an exasperated voice.

That's where I've heard it! But she definitely thinks I'm a half-wit. Seriously - how long does it take to get a couple of glasses of...

"So...what are you ladies gossiping about?" Jake asked coming back into the room with three crystal glasses of white wine on a silver tray.

"I was just telling Alexa about Grandad Edwards."

"Oh yeah, he was minted," Jake said grinning at Alexa and offering her the tray.

"Jake! Where do you get such colloquial language from?" Krystal said in angry tone.

Please don't let her think it's from me...

"Sorry Mum. Grandad Edwards was rich. Very rich," he smiled at Alexa, who was desperately trying to stop her hands shaking for long enough to pick up a glass. Jake frowned, then expertly balancing the tray in one hand, he took a glass off and handed it to her. She grabbed it with both hands, silently mouthing "thank you" so Krystal couldn't see.

He took the final glass off the tray and placed the tray onto the coffee table. Sitting down on the sofa as close as he could to Alexa, he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against his side, giving her shoulder an encouraging squeeze. Alexa looked across to him, her eyes wide, her hands still trembling and he smiled at her; love pouring out of his eyes like melting dark chocolate.

"CHEERS!" Krystal loudly declared, startling them and Alexa only just managed to stop her wine from spilling.

"Yeah cheers!" Jake beamed happily and raised his glass towards his Mother before gently clinking it against Alexa's.

"What's for lunch Mum?" Jake asked after taking a sip of wine. "It smells epic. Alexa is a fabulous cook," he said, turning to gaze adoringly at her again. Alexa started to blush.

"Really?" Krystal looked across at Alexa and didn't sound convinced. She turned to Jake. "It's roast rack of lamb with new potatoes. Your favourite!" She smiled at him and this time it actually did reach her eyes.

Oh Jake, I knew it. Your Mum hates me and I can't say I blame her.

"Brilliant! Thanks Mum, can't wait. I'm famished!"

She smiled indulgently at him. "Well it shouldn't be more than ten minutes. She turned towards Alexa. "My son has a voracious appetite! I'm glad to hear you're a good cook, dear. At least I know he won't go hungry!"

'Good' cook? I think your son actually called me fabulous...

Alexa managed a weak smile and took a large slug of wine.


" yeah, we're building quite a strong team of Doctor's and Nurses on Paediatrics. Everyone's really dedicated, which is refreshing. And they all genuinely have a love of children."

They had just finished lunch and Alexa had to begrudgingly admit to herself it had tasted amazing.

"That's wonderful, dahling!"

"Yeah...but no one loves kids more than Alexa. Isn't that right, sweetheart?" He smiled and squeezed her hand.

"Well I..."

"Oh dahling, do you remember the Groby's?" Krystal abruptly cut in. "They had a daughter Annabel who was the same age as you? They've recently moved back to Tynsley as Annabel's a qualified Lawyer now and she's joined a practice in the village. Isn't that exciting? You should look her up. It would be nice for you to have a catch up. She's a lovely girl." She gushed.

Jesus Christ woman, could you be any more obvious?

Jake shifted in his seat and squeezed Alexa's hand tighter.

"Can't say I remember her."

Alexa gaped at him.

Oh God, Jake Martin, I love you so much right now!

The colour drained even more from Krystal's face, but she immediately recovered her composure.

"I'm sure you'll remember her once you meet her. I'll invite you all round for dinner. Oh, and you too, Alexa dear."

Gee thanks! Now I'm an afterthought - being brought in to play gooseberry to my own boyfriend!

"Yeah...I'll get back to you about that Mum. My schedules pretty packed."

"Yes well, let me know when you next have a Saturday evening free and I'll make all the arrangements."

Jake grimaced, but said nothing. Alexa could feel the tension radiating out of him. It was now her turn to give his hand a reassuring squeeze.

Jake took a deep calming breath. "What's for dessert?"

"Home made apple pie and ice-cream. Another favourite!" She beamed at him, seemingly obvious to her son's brewing temper. "Alexa, would you be a dear and help me in the kitchen?"

"S'Okay Mum, you sit. We'll go get dessert out."

"No, really, I..."

"No Mother. I insist. WE'LL get the dessert." He said in a quiet, but forceful tone.

He rose, still holding Alexa by the hand and led her to the kitchen. With almost an apologetic look back at Krystal, Alexa followed meekly. As soon as they were in the kitchen, he pulled her to the far corner, drew her against him and held her tightly.

"She hates me," Alexa mumbled into his chest. "I knew she would."

"She doesn't hate you, sweetheart." He whispered stroking her back and kissing the top of her head.

Alexa jerked her head back and looked at him angrily. "She's trying to set you up with another woman! A Lawyer your age! What does that tell you?" She hissed.

Jake shut his eyes momentarily and when he opened them he looked warily at her.

"That was harsh and out of order. I'm sorry she said that. I do know who Annabel is, but there is no way I'm meeting her or contacting the stuck up cow!"

Alexa smiled up at him. "I bloody knew you were lying!"

He smirked and held her tighter. "I think we ALL knew I was lying! Now lets get dessert over with and get out of here. This was obviously a mistake. I adore my Mum Alexa, but she has behaved appallingly towards you, which is not what she led me to believe. I WILL be speaking to her about it."

Alexa shook her head. "No, please don't. I don't want to come between you and your Mum, Jake. If you were my son, I would react the same way. I told you."

Jake tilted her chin upwards and kissed her softly. "You are far too nice for your own good."

"Jake everything okay?" Krystal called from the dining room.

"Yeah Mum, WE'RE fine."


"Oh dahling, it was wonderful to see you. I hadn't seen much of you lately."

Since he started going out with me. Just say it woman...

"Thanks for lunch Mum." Jake air kissed her cheeks.

"Yes, thank you very much for inviting me Krystal. It was so nice to finally meet you."

"Umm...Yes you too, dear." Krystal grasped her hand in another firm handshake.

Christ, that was harder than last time! I really need to get away from her...

Alexa retrieved her hand and tried to subtly wiggle the life back into her squished fingers.

"You sure you don't want us to stay and help wash up or anything?"

"No dahling, it's only a few plates and cups." She grabbed a black scrunchie from her wrist and pulled her hair into a high ponytail. "It won't take me long." She looked towards Alexa and gave her another fixed smile.

This is bugging me now. Who DOES she remind me of?

"Bye Mum, I'll be in touch."

"Bye dahling. Bye Alexa."

Alexa turned and smiled.





"You're very quiet sweetheart. You okay? I am so sorry about Mum. I don't know what got into her."

They were lying in each others arms on top of the duvet, finally sated after their most intense dry humping session to date. At least it had gone some way to kill the stress of lunch with Krystal Edwards.

"Stop apologising babe. It wasn't your fault or hers. She was just being protective. I can understand that."

"She should have given you the benefit of the doubt and accept the fact that I love you." Jake grumbled.  "I chose you a long time ago Alexa. She knows that. I never stopped talking about you and how I was going to track you down."

"I'm sure she must have hoped you wouldn't find me or if you did, I'd be happily married with a bunch of kids and not interested. It's obvious she thinks I'm nothing but a Cougar. And a gold-digging one at that." Alexa finished bitterly.

Jake put his arms around her and rolled so that she was underneath him.

"You're neither of those things," he said softly. "You're the kindest, most selfless, un-materialistic person I have ever met in my entire life."

Alexa beamed and pulled his mouth onto hers, kissing him deeply.

"I love you so much," she breathed against his mouth.

"I love you too, sweetheart." He smiled.

She looked up at him through pools of incandescent green.

"I-I really want you to make love to me."

Jake jerked his head up rapidly, his dark eyes searching her emerald ones.

"Okay...So why do I sense there's a but coming?"

Oh my intuitive man...

Alexa sighed and looked away. "But...I'm terrified it will hurt or I'm not designed like every other woman you've been with." She looked into his eyes. "Or...I'll be really bad at it and then you won't love me anymore." She finished with a whisper.

"Oh sweetheart, no..." He gripped her chin and planted a hard kiss on her lips. "I will do everything I can to make it as amazing as possible for you. I can't promise there won't be any discomfort, but I won't hurt you I promise. I can always stop sweetheart. It will be difficult, but I WILL stop if you need me to. And no one as loving as you will be bad at it. Please don't think that way. And of COURSE I will still love you. If there is a problem sweetheart, we will work it out." He kissed her again. "Okay - I obviously have never had sex with anyone who has had a hysterectomy, but I have been doing some research into it and the major problem seems to be vaginal dryness." He kissed the tip of her nose and smirked."I can totally attest to the fact that that isn't going to be a problem for you!"

A blush swept through Alexa from her head to her toes.

"Oh God, Jake!" She cringed.

"What? Don't be embarrassed Alexa. You get wonderfully wet. It's such a turn on. I can't wait to feel it around me. I feel really sorry for these poor menopausal women who are suffering from vaginal dryness. I don't know what they are doing wrong."

"I'll tell you what they are doing wrong. They don't have a sexy as hell, twenty three year old boyfriend!"

Jake gave her a full on salacious grin.

"Sexy as hell, huh?"

Alexa squirmed still blushing. "Yes. You don't even have to touch me to get me wet, if you must know." She whispered, blushing.

Jake beamed. "Oh sweetheart, believe me I know! I only have to say the magic word..."

Ahhh...not again...!











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