Christmas Wishes

Lila is the 7 year old disabled sister of Mike, a 10 year old boy who is finding it hard to cope with her disibility. Christmas is a time for wishes and dreams, so can his wish come true?


1. Mike

I watch Lila every day, getting weaker and getting more tired by the minute. Her corn coloured hair grows thinner with every brush of it, and her face grows paler with every breath that she takes. The doctors told her she has a year left to live - her body is wearing thin as the disability takes its course of destruction.

She asked for a pony this Christmas, and knowing her, she'll probarbly get it. I suppose she deserves it... she is always so brave letting her classmates push her chair around the school hall; spinning around in ecstacy. But it's just a disguise she wears when she is scared. I have known her ways long enough to see that now. I asked 'Santa' for a remote controlled car with blue and red racing stripes, but if it could come true, I would spend all of my wishes on making Lila get better.

Mum put up silver tinsel today, adorned with snowflake decorations, onto our tree. It's a real one this year - mum thought it would be nice to do in case Lila.... No, I don't like talking about it. Think happy thoughts! After all, it is Christmas. Dad let us have chocolate tree decorations this year, for the first time ever! Racing cars embellish every shop window; bright colours and glittery baubles making the window display magical. My stocking hangs on the fireplace, longing to be opened by me, and delved into with joy and gratitude. Lila can't reach hers.


It is Christmas Eve today, and we are in such a festive mood! Lila wanted to help make the dinner, so i hoisted her up onto the kitchen surface and taught her how to peel sprouts. She's good at that. Mum wrapped up our Christmas presents last night, and I wanted to take a peek but she wouldn't let me - she wanted it to be a surprise. I got my mum a scrapbook with pictures of her with me, Daddy and Lila on the beach in Malibu last year. That was the best holiday we have ever been on. I wonder if we will ever go there again?

I started coughing during the carol service at the church, and Dad got mad with me, so he took away my desert privileges for after tea. That made me really mad because we are having plum pudding and that is my favourite. I wish that Lila wasn't so ill, because then Dad wouldn't be so cross and frustrated all the time. He wouldn't get so mad at me for doing something accidental.

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