Christmas Wishes

Lila is the 7 year old disabled sister of Mike, a 10 year old boy who is finding it hard to cope with her disibility. Christmas is a time for wishes and dreams, so can his wish come true?


2. Anita

I'm pregnant.

I have no idea how to tell Mike or Lila, but i have broken the news to Steven.....his reaction wasn't good.

"How could you let this happen Anita? You know the doctors told us that if we had another baby it would be disabled - I can't afford it! You're so selfish."

"Well whatever you think, you are half responsible for this baby being concieved; you can't just blame me! And anyway, there is still a 10% chance it might not be disabled. Think of poor Lila if she knew what you are do you think she would feel!?"

"Look, I'm sorry babe. Ok? It is just such a shock - I didn't think lightning would strike twice with us. We can make things work, but can we schedule another ultrasound for the end of the week? I just need to see it for myself to believe it."

"Sure, but if we keep racking up doctor's bills, we won't even be able to afford the first year of the baby's life."

That's when he walked out and went to work.


"Ohmygosh that is so amazing mum!! Yay!!" Thank god Lila didn't think this baby was a mistake.

"Yeah congrats mum, but it's so close to christmas now - won't it be hard to get doctors appointments?" Mike chimed in.

"No honey, i see a special type of doctor." I said, blushing as i turned to face the christmas tree and distract them. "Doesn't the tree look beautiful with the lights on?" I sighed, stroking the frilly skirt on my favourite ballerina tree decoration.

"Mum, can I speak to you privately for a second?" Mike asked

"Sure honey what is it?" I asked, as i gently tugged his arm and led him into the dining room.

"Um, im not sure how best to say this, so i'm just gonna say it......won't the baby be disabled?"

I knew he would ask that. Such a bright kid, my Mike.


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