my love is your love your love is my love

hi im Belle Tomlinson i know recinize the last name yep my brother is Louis Tomlinson from one direction im 19 and hes 21 and people say im the girl version of him but im more mature and have darker hair and that i am not sure what do when zayn , niall and justin bieber fall for me


9. showing off

bellepov: me and justinhad to pose where he looks me inhe eye and we ust stare t each other it was really awkward and having zayn there watching i caught a glimpse of zayn looking at justin giving him a evil glare and zayn looked at me and mouthed i love you i mouthed back i love you too and when the camera flashed justins hand moved down to my bum i starred at himm and whispered stop it he gave a smirk and said i know you love it and i looked a zayn who was staring  his phone  after we were done with that shot we had to go to our wardrobe and change in our bathing suite i wore a white bikinne and my hair was slightly curled justin was staring at me and licked his lips thank god zayn was watching

zaynpov: belle came out in a white bikkini she looked hot an i looked at justin he licked his lips i got super mad so i went  belle and kissed her hard and pationetlly she was shocked and kissed back i looked over at justin and he rolled his eyes and walked away

         /done with photo shoot/

bellespov; i was so tired and it was only eleven thirty am, me and zayn walked towards the door and i got a text from louis it said 'hey belle all of us are goin to the beach you up to go ' i texted back ya and me nd zayn were at the hotel in our room changing into our swimwear i told zayn to turn around so i could change he chuckled and said why babe your body is beuatiful and i blushed hewalked over to me and took off my shirt and started to kiss my neck downto my chest until my phone rang it was louis saying to hurry up

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