my love is your love your love is my love

hi im Belle Tomlinson i know recinize the last name yep my brother is Louis Tomlinson from one direction im 19 and hes 21 and people say im the girl version of him but im more mature and have darker hair and that i am not sure what do when zayn , niall and justin bieber fall for me


8. photo shoot and who

bellespov: i was told that there was a male model but they wouldnt tell me and when i looked at zayn he smiled his perfect smile and i pecked his lips and stared into his brown eyes he grabbed my hand and itertwine with eachothers fingers god he was soo hott i thought to myself and jasmine came in and said to get ready for the shoot i got up and zayn just waited on the couch on his phone my dresser picked out a hot pink tank top with flowers coming down from the side and white short shorts with a white headband in my hair and they lightly curled my hair and aplied red lipstick and mascara i was done and then the male model came in it was justin bieber i liked his music but not him he looked at me and winked and gave smirk zayn watched justin do his little flirty thing by the way zayn looked he was mad

zaynspov: i saw belle come out of her dressing room my god she looked gourges and then justin came in he was the male model he looked at belle and winked and gave her a flirty smile know the one that harry gives when hes around girls i felt jelousy hit me

justinspov: wow i cant believe what im seeing "its like angel came by and took me heaven like you took me to heaven girl from the way the stare in your eyes it couldnt be better " nice justin im soo cheesey this girl needs to be mine


zaynspov: i need to show justin shes mine


a/n sorry for short boring chapter comment on what you like about the story please xx , belle

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