my love is your love your love is my love

hi im Belle Tomlinson i know recinize the last name yep my brother is Louis Tomlinson from one direction im 19 and hes 21 and people say im the girl version of him but im more mature and have darker hair and that i am not sure what do when zayn , niall and justin bieber fall for me


10. oh god

a/n sorry i havnt updated in soo long got busy with school and my life well please comment on how you like my story please luv ya all , belle xx


bellespov : well that was an awkward day i hope zayns not mad about justin


zaynspov: wow justin bieber tried to hit on my girl no way belle is all mine . we were on our way back to the hotel  when belle wanted to walk fishermens warf so we stopped and walked it belle found this really cool sweater it said "went to alcatraz because i was to hot " i laughed when i saw it she bought it ran towards the ice cream shop wow my life cant get better im in one direction got the worlds most amaZAYN [see what i did there haha :P] girlfriend this cant get better

                                    -after eating ice cream -

bellepov : i really wanted too go ride in a trolly so me zayn went on one took it to downtown it was super cold all of sudden dark clouds started to roll in i looked at zayn oh god why now i said to him

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