my love is your love your love is my love

hi im Belle Tomlinson i know recinize the last name yep my brother is Louis Tomlinson from one direction im 19 and hes 21 and people say im the girl version of him but im more mature and have darker hair and that i am not sure what do when zayn , niall and justin bieber fall for me


5. flashback

bellespov: me and zayn got our room in the hotel i jumped on his back and yelled onward zaynster we laughed and went to our room he placed me softly on the bed and kissed my head and went to the bathroom i went to my luggage and took out my yoga pants and a star wars t shirt from when i went to the connvention yes i am a nerd who is the worlds hottest model dont judge when zayn go out i went to go change i took off my makeup and threw my hair in a ponytail i got out and zayn was in sweats and a sweater why dont you hot he said i blushed and turned on the tv my favorite movie was on THE EXPENDABLES crazy im a model and i loved horror ,gory,action,movies i always hated sobby sweet romantic movies there so so blah i cant stand them anyways zayn put it on and fell asleep with his arms wrapped around my waist i started to think about my past i was goth and did crazy dark creepy things "flashback" belle tomlinson to the front office please great i mumbled to myself i wore black pants and a gray hoodie i did black makeup black everything i loved crazy rock music people would bump into me and tell me devil or ghost girl but my big brother louis he was sweet and nice to everyone he was every girls dream boyfriend but i didnt really care i walked to prinables door at the school office miss tomlinson she said in a anoying voice what i said you and some friends paintid the wall with some evil stuff in ms. geisys art room didnt you i lauhed and said ya but it looks so nice though i tried to say in a girly voice wellwell then looks like your suspended then that night i decidded change good thing i was only suspended for a day so i changed my look i wore black skinny jeans and a pink top with pink converse

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