my love is your love your love is my love

hi im Belle Tomlinson i know recinize the last name yep my brother is Louis Tomlinson from one direction im 19 and hes 21 and people say im the girl version of him but im more mature and have darker hair and that i am not sure what do when zayn , niall and justin bieber fall for me


4. dinner

bellespov: i had gotten ready to go have dinner with the boys and danielle and el and i had put on a white top and black skinny jeans and red nike hightops i got for my birthday i let my natural curls be themselves and put on masscara and brushed my teeth zayn asked if i was ready i grabbed my phone and purse and went out in the hallway where zayn was he wore a leather jacket and dark jeans and his blackhightops as well he looked soo hot when he saw me he said my you gourges tonite i blushed and looked down and said you look god too he grabbed my hand and went to the elivator to meet the boys in the lobby this hotel was huge when we got down louis gave zayn a death glare cuz his hand was at the bottom of back and we were walking towards him el gave me a look as if she couldnt belive i was with zayn that was really strange but i ignored it we walked towards the car and ayn was holding my hand behind me was niall he looked so sad but he tried hide it i sat next to zayn our hands intwined with eachothers he was staring at me i looked at him and told him take a picture it will last longer he chuckled and smiled i gave him a peck on the lips i never felt so happy when i kissed zayn it felt like my world stopped we got to the restrount and got to our table

                                               skip eating

we walked out and all of a sudden i got stopped by two girls umm hi the little one said she looked about in her early teens your one direction right she said niall yes we are the older one looked about in her midd twentys my sister would like a picture if thats allright and arnt you belle tomlinson she asked me um ya i said omg im such a huge fan you are like my idol your so bueatyful and your so awesome me and my friends are upsess with your clothing line thats all we wear haha thanks i said the girl took the pictures with the boys and they left wow zayn says i didnt know you had fans he said of course i do silly i looked at him adn blushed alrite love birds save that for your own room louis said we all laughed my life was perfect

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