Star Wars The Chosen One:The Start of a New Beginning

In this Star Wars prequel, young Mattus is banished to a peculiar planet only to discover that even on Earth, the Sith can reach him.


2. Confrontations

As Mattus Solo and his padawan Orag Tinn ran through the long corridor Mattus noticed his holoreciver was going off, he stopped and picked off his utility belt and answered it. it was his master telling him not t o blow up the space station he was in as new intelligence suggests that they have a captured Jedi Master Plo Koon and have him on board, so Mattus's new objective was to get Plo of safely and securely.                  

"Easy" Orag declared 

"I suppose" agreed Mattus. They both set off for the detention level in different directions agreeing to a competition of who could kill the most droids on the way. As Orag was running through slicing as many droids that tried to stop him. When suddenly he felt an giant hand grab him and was holding him in mid-air and then he noticed him standing in a corner holding his hand out using the force to keep him in the air he has no where to run.

Mattus got to the detention level and released Master Plo and then realized Orag hadn't showed up so he went to look for him. When he turned round the corner to find Orag lying on the metallic floor, as he came up to the body he manged to feel a pulse. Then suddenly he felt a huge force push him at least 10 meters across the corridor and he hit the wall he fell to the floor winded from the impact. As he struggled to get up he looked up and saw who had done this to him and his padawan it was Lord Ashworth of the sith a strong and powerful with the force. Mattus had never met him in person before although he had researched him when doing his trials. When he finally manged to get up and get his balance back he manged to see something that would make Mattus something he isn't. Lord Ashworth gripped his lightsaber in his hands armed it and plunged it into Orag's chest. Mattus screamed out not knowing what to do he pulled of his double-bladed lightsaber armed it and charged at the Lord. The lord pulled out his lightsaber and blocked Mattus's charge and went in for a swift strike Mattus ducked and plunged in for a strike although Ashworth parried and Mattus's lightsaber flung out of his hand. The Lord now had Mattus's head in between the lords lightsaber and Mattus's own one. Mattus accepted death and waited for it. Then as if by magic a crimson blue lightsaber jumped through the lords head and then out again the lightsabers across Mattus's neck released. he got up and ran over to Orag's body he was no longer breathing he slammed his hand on the floor and cried out again

"He is now with the force" he said mildly.

Then a flung lightsaber hit Plo and cut him in half. Plo collapsed to the floor, the flung lightsaber flew back to it's owner. Mattus fell to the floor to see all this chaos and behind it all was her he couldn't believe it he got up and ran as fast as he could not looking back. From all the evilness that had happened he couldn't believe it was his sister!

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