Star Wars The Chosen One:The Start of a New Beginning

In this Star Wars prequel, young Mattus is banished to a peculiar planet only to discover that even on Earth, the Sith can reach him.


3. Banishment

When Mattus returned from his disturbing ordeal he was summoned by the Jedi Council, after letting the medical droid look at him and patch up his cuts and bruises he totted off to the Jedi Council meeting room at the top of the left spire. When he arrived he was 5 minuets late and Master Yoda one of the best Jedi ever made sure of that Mattus knew.

"Master Mattus you have been called to this session today as we have got some questions to ask you about what happened on the space station" pronounced Master Mace Windu another great Jedi of the Republic.

"It has came to pass that on the space station your padawan Orag Tinn died as well as Master Plo Koon is this true?" Master Obi-Wan quizzed him


"and may i ask how they died?"

"Padawan Orag was stabbed by who i think is Lord Ashworth a powerful Lord of the sith"

"and you just let this happen?"

"no before hand he had taken me by surprise and force pushed me to the end of the room. As i was getting up he stabbed a poor and defenseless Orag. When  I was fighting Lord Ashworth he luckily parried me and I let go of my lightsaber and he caught it. Just as he was about to behead me Plo Forced he lightsaber through his head. As we were leaving a Lightsaber was thrown by someone who I do not know" Mattus lied.

"and?" Master Seases questioned 

"Well i just got back on to my star-fighter and left." 

"well spoken you are Mattus" pronounced Yoda "although we have a holo recording of ywhat happened on that ship and we knew why you just left a we know you knew who through the lightsaber is"

"Master!" Mattus said in a uncivilized tone "you knew"

"yes" Mace said

"you lied to me. why?

"because we wanted to know if you would tell the truth about you sister" said Ki. Mattus was filled with rage all he wanted to do was kill all of the council but he didn't he held it in.

"Master Mattus Ecclestone you have been found of still have an emotional attachment to your sister who is now Sith. As we believe you are our Chosen One who will rise against the sith yet you are only 12, because of this we are not stripping you of your Jedi Status but banishing you to a far distant planet that is yet to invent hover travel. We will let you keep your lightsaber and blaster so you can protect you and the planet from any harm. Is this understood?"

"But Mas-"

"is this understood?"


"all that i have left to say is May the force be with you" 

Then everything went blank.

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