Star Wars The Chosen One:The Start of a New Beginning

In this Star Wars prequel, young Mattus is banished to a peculiar planet only to discover that even on Earth, the Sith can reach him.


5. Back at School

Mattus walked over to the automatic doors and walked in to the foyer were a small  plump women met him and greeted him an a orderly fashion and let him in to the school. Luckily for Mattus he knew were exactly were he should be. he walked down a corridor up one flight of stairs down a small corridor down the stairs down another corridor turning left and down to the bottom of the corridor to room A4. He twisted the door knob and pushed and walked into the room it. 

"Hello Matthew. Nice of you to join us." a Small young lovely Miss Ferries greeted him.

"Sorry i'm late Miss I felt a bit sick, although i'm fine now." Mattus pronounced"It's OK just come in and sit down next to James" 

"OK" Mattus politely pronounced. James was a small boy with short brown spiked hair. He had green bench glasses which made him look very smart. James had an IQ of 200 and was very very smart for his age and species, also he was one of Matthew's best friend's. Miss Ferries was a lovely young lady and according to Matthew's mind his favorite teacher. 

"As I was saying after that aprut interruption today we will just be reading your library books and I need to listen to you each read privately. So all of you get you reading books out and can I see Charlie Corfield Please" Asked Miss Ferries  Charlie was Matthew's best friend he had short brown hair slightly brown skin and green eyes. Matthew sat right in front of the teachers desk so he could listen to everyone read. Charlie had a very monotone voice and according to Mattus' new memories Matthew had to struggle to find out what mood Charlie was all the time. After Charlie had finished reading Miss Ferries called up Ethan Connor a brilliant friend of Matthew so a brilliant friend to Mattus.


"sup" Ethan shouted and nodded in Mattus direction

"err" Mattus had really had to talk all day and wasn't sure how to answer Ethan so he just went for a formal hello.

"Hello" Mattus shouted back

More and more people from Mattus' class came up and spoke to Miss including his friend Ciaran Donnely; who was a small and peculiar boy with a very unique personality Matthew used to laugh at the way Ciaran would speak to teachers it would usually go something like this "well technically" if he was about to tell you something you got wrong and he would use words that a normal 12 year old boy wouldn't really know.

The rest of the day went on smoothly he didn't interact with anyone apart from his mates which he used Matthew mind to treat them like Matthew would of. On the way home on the bus Mattus sat next to Ethan and they talked about how Dead-pool Marvel character killed all of the rest of the Marvel universe Mattus didn't find how a person could like killing people even though that is what he did for a living he had never liked it. On the bus Mattus got his real first look at his new sister she didn't look evil she had some black eye liner.

Later that night Mattus thought he had coped very well considering the circumstances and his day at school had gone very well. Suddenly there was a hugged thump on Mattus floor and he got up and looked what had made the crash and there on the floor was Mattus Jedi Armor his weapons which were a green lightsaber and a Blaster Pistol. Also on top of the pile of things there was a holo-receiver it was bleeping with a left over message he picked up and clicked it it was Master Mace Windu saying

"Master Mattus we are sending you your armor and weapons in case of emergency only although we do have a request. We need you to build us a small army of Jedi with your training about 5 would service if you need anything like resources or weapons to train your new padawans we will help you. We realize you will have no where to train them so we took the curtecy of giving you this weeks euro lottery numbers witch will win you 250 Million English Pounds. With this money you need to buy this house which we have pre-installed a underground ciditel with weapons food training resources and other things you will need. Also in the walls of the house is a super computer which will tend to your needs in the computing world. We need you help this miniature army will help bring down the sith. Also to let you know we are hunting down your sister to stop her on her wild vendeter. So do as we please and your banishment will be uplifted. Good Luck Mattus and may the force be with you.



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