Star Wars The Chosen One:The Start of a New Beginning

In this Star Wars prequel, young Mattus is banished to a peculiar planet only to discover that even on Earth, the Sith can reach him.


4. A Whole New World

As Mattus finally awoke from what he thought was a terrible dream it finally came to reality that what he thought was a dream wasn't at all. Mattus noticed that he was on a soft comfy material. When he opened his eyes he was in a small room lit red that was probably the red curtains blocking the light. the room had a TV, a wardrobe, a desk and some other things. What Mattus thought was strange though was that he knew what all theses things were he had never seen them before but he had it was so strange. He got up out of bed and he found himself doing a routine he sat down to think everything that was going on. He was searching his brain and he found that he had all the memories of someone else called Matthew Eccleston. All these things in his head were to much having someone else memories stuck in your head he suddenly felt dizzy then everything went blank.

When he awoke he was getting stared in the face by a strange women who seemed to calling his name when he opened his eyes she smiled and asked if he was alright he replied yes and asked who she was

"I'm your mother"

"err... of course you are"e

"are you sure you are OK?"

"yes" pronounced Mattus in an uncivilized tone. 

"OK OK keep your hair on" Said Mattus Mother. His mum was a small character but as far as he could tell she was nice "well if you are OK you can get to school you have only missed first lesson. Mattus searched his new memories to see what school was on earth. Searching through his mind he found it was a Vile place in Maghull where he would learn very basic knowledge about stuff he already new about. 

"get your school uniform on then" his mum was pointing at some ugly clothes. They were maroon in colour apart from the pants and shirt which were are dull colour of grey.

"I'm not wearing them rags" Mattus exclaimed

"Yes you are like you have been doing for the past year now. Mattus searched his head one more time to see what his life was going to be like as it had finally sunk in that he was abandoned here by his own kind he felt alone and afraid for the first time in his life and he din't like it he sat down on his bed and looked through his head to find out he had a sister like back home although this one wasn't a crazy bi*ch, he thought to himself which made him grin ever so slightly. His life looked good this boy who he has been put inside of had a good life  apart from school. 

Anyway he got into his school clothes and went downstairs. It was weird for him because he knew where he was going but he didn't. His house was medium size with a kitchen a living room dinning room and conservatory on the bottom floor and 3  bedrooms and a bathroom on the top floor, his room was the smallest bed room but he could cope. 

When he an his sort of step mum went out side Mattus draw dropped there in front of him was a red vehicle but the thing that was so shocking was it had wheels!. Mattus was so amazed he had always wanted to see one of these back at home although you could never get your hands on one as they went out of fashion thousands of years in the outer galaxy. if this is how far they were on technology it was going to be a hard life. he got in one smelling the bitter smell of the car. Soon though as they approached his school the vintageness of the car wore off. 

His Mum pulled up at the school gates and gave him a kiss good by which Mattus thought was gross and the crimson red car drove away. Well he thought to himself here I go

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