A Free Swann

A fanfiction Willabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean story starts right after the end of at worlds end if you have not seen the movie spoiler alerted are warned, Elizabeth needs a happily ever after of her own and to be with her husband William for ever she needs to live forever she goes on an adventure with Jack and all her friends from the first three movies.


3. Unfourtunate Occurences


                                                         Chapter 2

                                          Unfortunate Occurences

        I awoke the next morning again to the sunlight and more exotic birds chirping and singing.  I wasn't built for being a house-wife, it was hard!?

          I climbed down the ladder and cut open another coconut, it's cool milk tickled my nose.  Maybe I should go out to sea, after all it is always my friend, I thought about what Calypso had told me.

         I looked out upon my "friend" and saw a little make shift boat that smeone put a little sail on, the sail was torn and had many little patches stitched onto it.

        Then I saw the captain of this "vessel" stand up apparently from a long night's sleep, he tried to balance himself when he tipped off into the water very much like a coconut falling off a palm.

        The captain tried to get onto his boat be pressing down on the guard-rail, when he did the entire boat capsized

        The captain then decided to swim to shore, out of habit my hand orbited around the hilt of my sword at my hip.

        As the captain got closer to shore  I grabbed my sword and stood waiting and watching.

        When the man got to the shallows my knuckles turned white against the shining silver of my sword.

        As the man took his first sodden steps on shore I pulled my sword off it's scabbard and pointed it at the man's chest, he apparently had a similar idea as his sword was drawn as well.

        I got a closer look at the man, he was sopping wet and even if I knew him he was unrecognizable, his long dreadlocks hung over his face like a curtain, his long brown trench coat was spitting water onto the sand.

        The man made an odd movement with his hand where he both pushed his dreadlocks out of his face and put his hat on the top of his head in a swift and perfectly coriographed movement.  Now that his dreadlocks were out of the way I saw his face, he had a little beard seperated into two parts with colorful beads, and above the beard was a broken nose and a horridly devios and mischevious  smile.

        "Lizzie!" the man shouted.

        "Jack?! I asked confusedly,"Jack it is you!" I said as I ran up to him capturing him in my hug.

        "Now what would a belle like you be doing on this god-for-saken island of Camain?" Jack asked confused.

        "Why Will left me here to wait for his return," I said releasing him from my death grip.

        "Ah Ha!" Jack said with a grin,"Thats where he went wrong me love, Camain is not nearly as nice as Tortuga, it's running with East Indian blokes," said Jack sticking his tougne out disgustingly.

       I giggled at Jack's humor and then cried that I was so lost and alone.

       "Lizzie! stop that or I'm going to start sweating from my eyes," said Jack peering down at my from the tip of his nose.

        "Oh Jack, I'm so happy to see you," I said through tears.

        "Lizzie ole' uncle Jack is here, there is nothing to worry 'bout," Jack told me. I rested my head against his shouler, I was tired.

        Then I leaned over and vomited into the sand.

        "Oh, Lizzie lov, the heat must be getting to ya'," Jack said as he lifted me into the little cabin aned layed me on the bed, I shut my eyes and feel asleep.

                                                                        * * *

        When I awoke I heard shouting and Jack "negotiating", I ran outside to see a patrol of East Indian red coats with muskets pointed ready to fire.


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