A Free Swann

A fanfiction Willabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean story starts right after the end of at worlds end if you have not seen the movie spoiler alerted are warned, Elizabeth needs a happily ever after of her own and to be with her husband William for ever she needs to live forever she goes on an adventure with Jack and all her friends from the first three movies.


4. East Indian Trading

                                                 Chapter 3

                                           East Indian Trading

        "Hold fire men," an east indian red coat captain said as he held his hand up and walked to Jack and I, "Captain Jack Sparrow and Pirate King Elizabeth Swann, correct?"

        "Oh no, you've got it all wrong mate, I'm Hector Barbossa and this is Giselle," Jack said pointing to himself and me.

        "Ha! Giselle is my lass! Honestly you think you can fool Lord Duncan, " the captain said amused.

        "Oh, really when you see 'er give 'er one a' these!" Jack said as he slapped the Lord's face.  Duncan didn't like this much as he grabbed Jack's wrist and pushed up his sleeve, around the many tatoos was the sign of a pirate, the "P" branded on him like a heard of cattle would be.

        "A little incident with the East Indian Trading Company 'eh?" Duncan asked as he clasped Jack's hand's in front of him with a pair of hand-cuffs.

        "You too miss," Duncan said as a pair of red coats came up and put shackles around my hands.

        "We'll head to Port Royal to get you branded and hung, we caught a load a' pirates, and to think we only came here to pick up some rum," Duncan said with a guffaw.  The patrol of red coats surrounded us and escorted us into town.

                                                                         * * *

        As we approached town I saw the shipwreck of my beloved Empress that had been sunk in port, nearby her I saw a ship labeled The Retreiver that must be the ship they were bringing us aboard.  Then I wondered what had happened to my crew, were the abord the dreaded Retreiver or were the save hidden away in the town.

        Then Duncan leaned over to me and gave me an awful look and said, "Me an' Giselle ain't exclusive, I'm always open for grabs," Duncan said with the awful look still lingering on his face.

         I found this offensive and swung my clasped hand across his jaw. "You filthy bildge rat how dare you!" I shouted in his now swollen face.  That was when it dawned on me, Will's heart was still sitting on my dresser in the house.  Tears spewed down my face as I told Jack my problem.

        "Well Lizzie we'll go pick it up after we die," Jack whispered calmly to me.

        "WE"RE GONING TO DIE!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, my face turning red.  The entire town seemed to be starring at us.

        "Carry on, nothing to see here!" Duncan yelled over the crowd surrounding the small patrol.

         "No dear I was just kidding love of course I have a plan," Jack said giving me a reassuring smile.

         "Well then spill it I need to know the plan," I whispered to Jack.

        "Still working out the kinks love," Jack said even though honestly he had no idea what they were going to do, he had been serious when he said they were going to die.  Then the red coats escoted us onto the deck of The Retreiver.

        "Best ship in the British navy!" Duncan said proudly puffing out his chest.

        "Even better than the Interceptor 'eh mate?" Jack asked prying with an inquisitive look on his face.

        "Lord Beckett when down with his ship, may the Gods bless 'im," Duncan said sadly.

        Duncan lead us into the prison holding and I saw my entire crew in the large cell from Lian and park to Tai Hung, it seemed they had fought valiantly as some had nasty cuts and gashes I think it was Park (But could have been Lian, so hard to tell apart) that had a long gash over her right eyebrow.

        I was so sad that I had just condemed all these people to death by bringing them here.

        "Three cheers for King Lizzie!" Jack shouted with his hand in the air.  I heard a chorus of joyful 'hoorays' rush into the air.

        "I have a plan!" Ninetoes, Twins, and Lizzie, over here!" Jack shouted as he called off our nicknames.


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