A Free Swann

A fanfiction Willabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean story starts right after the end of at worlds end if you have not seen the movie spoiler alerted are warned, Elizabeth needs a happily ever after of her own and to be with her husband William for ever she needs to live forever she goes on an adventure with Jack and all her friends from the first three movies.


2. Alone Forever

                                                             Chapter 1

                                                        Alone Forever

           I woke up to the sunshine in my window and the exotic birds chirping and singing I looked up and saw the chest slowly, carefully thumping it's hypnotic tune. I placed my sword on top of the dresser and layed back down.

       The wind whistled in my ears and I heard a familiar voice, "You arr londey, aye?" asked the sea goddess Calypso,"Da sea vill alvays be you friend," she whispered trancingly.

       "Da sea avawys your friend," Calypso said as she was swept out the window.

       "Well I can't sit around doing nothing," I said to myself lifting my tired body out of the cool bed.

       I collected some branches from the beach and a large branch, I took a thin strand of rope that I found in one of the drawers in the dresser, I tied the little twigs to the branch with the rope and swept the dirt and dust from the rooms in the recently abandoned house.

       I thought about going to my crew and ship just in town, but I decided to let my crew rest for a while.

       Then I thought about what Calypso had told me, The sea would always be my friend, but what did it mean?  I had nothing left but Will's heart and his abandoned house.

       My mouth felt dry and and my tounge stuck to the top of my mouth.  I decided to climb one of the tall palm trees tocollect some coconuts to drink the rich milk.

       I wrapped my arms around a tree I decided to climb and I pushed my feet against the base of the tree and started to pull myself up the tree, I slipped multiple times but then I finally made it to the plush green leaves .

       I grabbed a coconut from the tree and it gave an angry lurch.  I grabbed a second coconut and tucked it under my arm, then I heard a sickening crunch and I knew something had went wrong as the tree swayed in the wind.  The tree fell and I pushed myself off of the tree and was suspended in air and everything became slow-motion and then I hit the ground and rolled in the warm sand.

       I had a few bruises but otherwise I was perfetly fine.  Now I had a fallen tree lots of coconuts and nothing to open them with.

       I went out to the beach and found a blunt stone, I swung down hard on the coconut with the stone and the hairy shell didn't even scratch, then I remembered my sword on the dresser, next to the chest... the chest!

       I rushed inside to the bedroom and there it was the chest was perfectly fine, false alarm, I grabbed both the chest and my sword.

       I need to keep better care of this, Will's life was in it's balance and in my care.

       I lifted my sword above my head and swung it down with all my might, and the hard hairy shell of the coconut cracked and the rich juicy milk trickled through the crack.

       I lifted the hairy shell above my head and drank it entirely dry.  I wipped my face with the back of my hand.

       I needed answears, and I needed them now.  I took the key from my neck and unlocked Will's chest, there was Will's heart still thumping its hypnotic tune, but there was something else there a turquoise rock tied with a pirate's knot into the form of a necklace.  I picked it up and saw that it was the same necklace Sao Feng had given me on his dying wish making me a Pirate Lord and later Pirate King.

       But how, it had been destroyed when releasing Calypso.  I looked into the stone and I saw the always watching eye of my husband and I knew that it was a resemblence of our never dying love, forever I would wear it I thought as I tied it around my neck.

                                                                           * * *

       The sun had set on yet another day and it was getting dark, I climbed onto the roof with a ladder I had made with the palm tree that had fallen.

       I looked back on all that I had done, I had fashioned a broom a ladder and a nice little knife, I had also gotten a good supply of coconuts for roasing and drinking.

       My was it a day, my eyes were heavy and as I closed them I instantly fell asleep.

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