A Free Swann

A fanfiction Willabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean story starts right after the end of at worlds end if you have not seen the movie spoiler alerted are warned, Elizabeth needs a happily ever after of her own and to be with her husband William for ever she needs to live forever she goes on an adventure with Jack and all her friends from the first three movies.


5. A Devious Plan

                                                 Chapter 4

                                            A Devious Plan

        "Come, come," Jack said beconing Park, Lian, Tai Hung, and I.  Jack took his sword that the red coats had been foolish enough to leave with him, "I'll explain the rest of the plan after this," said Jack as he took my hand which I reluctantly gave him, Jack took his sword and slid it across the crease of my hand, blood spilled out onto the damp floor of the under-deck, I made a horrible shriek.

        The a pair of red coat guards came rushing down the stairs.  "Oh, my Captain Swann is sick you had better came and help her they want her alive!" Jack shouted with fake worry.

        The guards opened the door and every thing was a blurr...

        Jack had swung a log putting out both of the red coats, now that the door was wide open Jack took the smaller man and took off the man's red jacket,sword sling, hat, blouse, and overalls leaving him in nothing but his long pair of pantaloons and his bare chest.

        "Lizzie put this on," Jack said tossing the pile of clothes at me.  I walked out the prison cell and into the damp, smelly, and dimly lit crew cabin.

        I took off my tattered and dirtied dress and tossed it aside, then I put on a long blouse with a frilly breast, on top of that I put on the tan overalls and buttoned it with the brass buttons sewed into the long straps.  I put the rich red coat on the top of the overalls and blouse but didn't button it up, I put an arm up and slipped the sword sling over my shoulder.  Then I tied my hair with a leather wrap I found in the medicine cabinet, put my hat on my head and headed out to the prison cells, the overalls were very uncomfortable and scratchy.

        In the cell Jack pulled me into the cell and he started explaining the plan, "Twins you two will go and keep watch and give us a signal and we'll send out Lizzie, Lizzie you go running and screaming that the prisoners escaped and are armed and tell them to get to the life boats, close to when they get out we get a second signal from the twins we come out waving our swords and screaming then when they are gone we sail the ship to Lizzie's house and then Tortuga!" Jack said his plan unveiling.

        "But Jack, what if they don't beleive me, we only have four swords," I said as we only had mine, Jack's, and the two red coats.

        "Any way shall we get started!" Jack said ignoring me, Lian and Park walked up and  walked out of the prison holding and onto the ship's deck.  We waited for what seemed like hours and the only sound was the lapping of water on the ship's hull.

         That was when one of the twins, I couldn't tell which one they look so much alike, peek around the corner that must have been the signal as me out the door, the deck smelled musty as I walked the steps leading to the upper-deck.  Then I broke into a run shouting and screaming left and right that, "The prisoners are escaped! The prisoners are escaped and armed!", Duncan grabbed a hold of my shoulders and shook me.

        "Grab ahold of yourself man," Duncan said shaking me off balanced as I breathed heavily.

        "Prisoner break, armed, free, help please," I said between breaths.

        "Ah, me lad that ain't possible, I took all those wretched pirate's weapons and have them in my cabin," Duncan said, I suppose one of the twins heard this as one of them quietly slipped into the Captain's Cabin and a minute later she came out and they both slipped into the prisoner holding.

      "Boy, you all right, just in case I'll send the patrol for weapons," Duncan said as he waved his hand to the crew as they grabbed muskets and cutlasses, my crew didn't stand a chance, they needed to be saved by someone, and I had to do it I thought as I grabbed the hilt of my sword and toyed with it, "Boy, that sword of yours is mighty fine," he said as he looked down at my sword's hilt with three turqoise beads mounted in the hand-guard, "Much like the one Miss Swann brought in wwhich I think I may have left with her," Duncan thought out loud, then the tought dawned on me and I pulled my sword out of it's sling and pointed it at his un-armoured neck.  Duncan's face was pathetically pink.

        Duncan's eyes quickly darted from the tip of my sword and to my face and back, his face grew red and he looked very nervous, then out of no where Duncan shouted at the top of his lungs, "MUTINY!" and the crew all pointed their musket muzzles and cutlass blades in my direction, then lightly and carefully I saw the twins' heads sneak into the crew cabin to tell the crew to come out, I waited for a brisk minute when the entire crew ran out waving the three swords among them, they charged the equally large patrol of red coats, muskets fired, swords clanged, blood spattered, bodies strewn, I randomly parried blows from all directions and stole swords with all red coats I saw and tossed them to the pirates still barring through the fighting.

        Left and right I saw pirate and red coat bobies fall alike, the sweat on my brow trickled down my face in a stream down my face and lightly dripped onto the bloodied deck.

        Then as the pirate numbers lowered I felt a pair of hands clasp my wrists and I saw how they had captured Park, Lian, Jack, Tai Hung, and the few of the pirates still alive.  I saw all the limp lifeless bodies laying on the deck and I knew that Will would take good care of my crew.

        "Well, well, well Miss Swann, we can't have this happen again can we," Duncan said wiping the blood off his cutlass.  Duncan had an evil smirk laying on his face, then Duncan swung his sword back and I saw my life flash before my eyes, when I heard a great boom of a cannon and the entire ship bounced and everyone tumbled to a side, the red coats holding all our wrists let go as the tumbled out of sight.

        Another cannon was shot and the entire fore-mast fell ocross the ship landing on a few people.  I looked up and saw the attacking ship, it was large with a granite meermaid as the bow front and huge black sails.

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